Electric Fans & Air Conditioners: A Simple Buyers Guide

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Electric Fans and Air Conditioners

Although the United Kingdom does not have a climate where excessive heat is a problem, there is a demand for air cooling products.  These can be divided into:

  • Air Conditioners - which actually lower the temperature of the air. And
  • Electric Fans: which circulate the air to cool you down.

Mobile Air Conditioners

These are available in different sizes, depending on there cooling capacity.  Smaller capacity models tend to be single units and larger capacities are usually split unit systems.

How do they work?

Hot and damp air is drawn inot the unit by a fan, which then draws it over an evaporator that contains cooled refriderant air which is sent around the unit by a compressor to remove the heat.  The resulting cool air is then passed out of the front of the unit .  The heat gathered by the evaporator is passed to either a condensor and then expelled through a tube in a single unit or from a condensor if a split unit system.

It should be understood that most single units will also have a small tank to gather excess water.

Single Unit

The tube, through which the remaining  hot air is expelled is ideally vented to the outside (like with a tumble dryer hose), via a windo or a hole in the wall.  Some models feature a flattened oval adaptor to allow the hose to be put out of a partially opened window.

Split Unit

There are two units with this system, one containing the compressor & evaporator to crfeate the cold air, the other featuring a condensor, which discharges the excess humidity.  Because it also has an external unit, the cooling capacity is greatly increased.

Electric Fans

There are compact, table / desk top and pedestal stand models available.  The speed of the fan can be regulated and they may offer different airflow options, such as:

  • Fixed / static            - The air flows continously in one direction.
  • Oscillating               - The fan head moves from side to side continously.
  • Tilting                      - The fan head moves up and down.

Personal Fans

These are the smallest size of fan available and are designed for space saving use e.g. on a desktop or kitchen worktop.

Pedestal / Stand Fans 

These are often adjustable to varying heights and there are models that can be "shrunk" down to desktop size.

High Velocity

These type of fans cool down large areas quickly and are good for use in garages, cellars and workshops.


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