Electric Lighting Effects on eBay

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Electric Lighting Effects on eBay

Lighting is an important part of any performance. This is especially true in dance clubs, concerts, and other events where music and dancing are prevalent. The lights are used to enhance the performance and set the atmosphere. There are many types of lights and electric lighting effects available to choose from. These include lasers, strobe effects, moonflower LED lights, mirror balls, and scanner lights. Many of these lighting effects are available on eBay. People who are looking for new and used light fixtures and effects find that eBay organises them in a way that they are easy to find and shop for. Shoppers who are browsing the various lighting effects can search for the right ones based on the type or the technology used to make the light. Once the search is complete, shoppers are able to purchase the lights directly on eBay and have them delivered directly to their homes.

Type of Lighting Effects

eBay allows shoppers to browse fixtures and devices to create lighting effects by sorting through many different categories. Because all of the lights are separated into various categories, they are easier to find. If the shopper knows which type of lighting effect they are looking for, then they can specify this and exclude all other options from the search. The most common type of lighting effect found on eBay is the laser light, but other lighting effects include strobes, moonflower lights, mirror balls, and scanner lights.


A laser light projects beams of light in all directions. They can hang from the ceiling or stand on a tripod for easier portability. The lights can be multi-coloured or a solid colour. They usually blink, flash, and twist to make interesting effects. Some laser lights can be synchronised to the music to go along with the beat. These types of electric lighting effects are ideal for a dance club, disco, or pub.


A strobe light is usually a single or dual white light that flashes rapidly. These lights are usually very bright and create a very dramatic effect when used in a dark room. They can be programmed to flash slowly or as fast as 10 times per second. Strobes can be used in conjunction with gels and reflectors to create more interesting visual effects. These types of lights are best mounted on the ceiling or high on the wall so that the entire room can see the effects of the light.


The moonflower light is a type of LED light that reflects multi-coloured beams off of mirrors to create interesting designs and effects on the walls and floor around the fixture. The mirrors often rotate so that the designs change and move as the light reflects off of them differently. Some moonflower lights have two eyes or openings for releasing the light to create a more intense effect. A built-in microphone or sensor is used to detect the sound and change the rotation along with the beat of the music.

Mirror Ball

A mirror ball is also known as a disco ball or a glitter ball. This spherical fixture is covered in hundreds or thousands of small mirrors depending on the size of the ball. A mirror ball is suspended from the ceiling and illuminated with several spotlights. As the light shines on the ball it is reflected in all directions, creating a magical appearance. The room is illuminated with small dots and beams of light on the people, walls, and other surfaces below. Mirror balls are commonly used in dance clubs or other events where dancing takes place.


A scanner is similar to a laser light, but less expensive. The shape of a scanner light varies. Older versions are large boxes with several rows of different coloured lights. They can be pointed in different directions and synchronised to the music. Other versions of the scanner light are smaller and the lights shine through a single opening. Globes are attached to these lights to bend and create images on the walls and the floor. They can be set to be sound activated or to auto scanner modes to go along with the music or to move at a set pattern.

Light Technology

eBay shoppers can also browse various lighting effects based on the technology used to create the light. Over the years, several new technologies have been developed to make the lighting smaller and more efficient. Some of the older technologies are still used because they are the best. Some of the common light technologies used for electric lighting effects are LED, PAR, blacklight, and halogen.


LED,, or light-emitting diode, lights are among the most popular types of lights used in electric lighting effects. They are energy efficient and last a long time. Additionally, they do not produce as much heat as other types of lights, so they do not pose a risk of burns or fires. Users can expect to get thousands of hours of use out of LED lights before they begin to lose their brightness. LED lights can be used for any of the light effects mentioned above.


PAR, or parabolic aluminised reflector, lights are contained in a cylindrical fixture that is shaped like a can. The end of the PAR has a flat lens that the light passes through. These types of lights are known for shining an intense oval-shaped beam of light at the target. PAR lights usually do not come in any colours, and a filter has to be placed in front of the light instead. PAR lights are used to provide a solid wash of colour over the entire room, rather than creating focused light effects.


A blacklight is also known as an ultraviolet light. These light bulbs are usually purple in colour and create their unique lighting effects by filtering out all visible light. The result of this is that certain colours and objects appear to glow. Fluorescent tubes are used to emit ultraviolet light. Blacklights can also be found as incandescent or LED lights as well. Blacklights are used to create a blanket effect over the entire room, rather than focusing on one area.


Halogen lights combine halogen gas with a tungsten filament to create a bright light. They create a brighter light than an incandescent or fluorescent bulb and have a longer lifespan as well. Because of their brightness, halogen lights are most commonly used for spotlights and house lights. People who have invested in other special electric lighting effects may choose to incorporate halogen lights in their light fixtures as standard lighting. The drawbacks to these types of lights are that they operate at high temperatures and contain toxic materials. For this reason, they should be used in a mounted fixture that is out of reach.

Buying Electric Lighting Effects on eBay

eBay has a large selection of electric lighting effects that can be delivered right to your doorstep. You can compare different lights and find the best prices without having to leave your home. In order to find the best deals and the best lights to meet your needs, you must learn how to search the site effectively and choose a reputable seller to work with.

Searching for Electric Lighting Effects

You can search for the electric lighting effects you are looking for by entering keywords into the search bar. A search for an ‘LED moonflower light&’ shows all listings that contain those keywords. Additionally, you can narrow down the listings by category for a broader view of what is available.

Getting to Know the Seller

You can be confident in all of your eBay purchases because you can view the seller’s feedback rating right on the listing for the lights. You can see the number of sales and transactions the seller has completed in all as well as the percentage of positive feedback they have received from buyers. You can use this information to choose a seller that you want to work with.


Light fixtures and various electric lighting effects are used to create atmosphere in a club, or set the tone of a performance or event. They are used by performers, such as DJs, singers, and bands, as well as installed in many venues that frequently have dancing and other events. With so many different effects and types of lights to choose from, people can find that there are lights for any occasion. Whether the shopper is a DJ looking to improve his stage presence or a club owner looking for high quality electric lighting effects at a great price, eBay has a large selection of lights to choose from. Finding the right lights is simple. Shoppers can search for the lighting effects they want based on the type of effect or technology used to make the light. New and used lights of all types are available, with inventory changing all the time.

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