Electric Treadmill Buying Guide

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Electric Treadmill Buying Guide

Buying gym equipment for home use has become a popular luxury for those who wish to exercise regularly from the comfort of their own surroundings. The electric treadmill is one of the most common and simplest apparatus to use and is not as expensive to purchase as some may think, especially if using the internet and websites such as eBay to find the best deals. This guide will demonstrate how to buy the motorised version of the treadmill and any shortcomings the user may find in purchasing one.

The Electric Treadmill

The electric treadmill is more efficient and resourceful to use than its manual counterpart. Whilst the belt on a manual treadmill is powered by the user, the electric version is much more professional as the speed of the belt is dictated by the machine itself. The benefits of this are great for those looking to get a more professional workout and make the most out of their treadmill experience.

Below are some of the characteristics that make up an electronic treadmill and their advantages:

Motorised Belt – As noted before, the belt is mechanically rotated meaning the user can concentrate fully on their workout and not struggling to get the machine up and running in the first place. Less strain is placed on the lower body due to this.

LED Display – The electronic treadmill will come with a computer screen attached to the front and can assist the user with their fitness needs. This can inform the user of:

  • The speed of the belt.
  • The time they have been running.
  • The distance they have travelled.
  • The amount of calories they have burned.  

Incline Function – As well as the basic aspects, nearly all electronic treadmills will include an incline setting which simulates going up or down hills by changing the angle of the belt surface. This provides more variation to the workout and challenges the cardiovascular system in different ways.

Heart Rate Monitor – The heart rate monitor is a system that informs the user of their heart rate by two methods. The data is transmitted via sensors on the handgrips or via a wireless function where a strap is attached to the chest.

Set Fitness Programmes – As an option on the LCD screen, some makes of electric treadmills have built in fitness programmes. They will designate a certain speed and time to run for as to provide the user with a set workout regime.

Heart Rate Control – Some more advanced treadmills have heart rate control capabilities as well; this uses the data collected by the monitor and dictates the pace of the treadmill automatically. It is important to pace the workout for optimum results and also for any health concerns the user may have.

Emergency Stop Function – As another safety precaution, some electronic treadmills come with an emergency stop button which immediately ceases the belt to run when pushed. If the pace of the treadmill is becoming too much or the user is simply unable to carry on then this is a valuable safety function. 

Potential Downsides of Buying an Electronic Treadmill

Although the benefits of using an electric treadmill are substantial, there are further aspects to think about before buying one for the home.

Electronic treadmills can be on the large side, both in size and weight. Have a picture in mind of where the treadmill will be positioned before buying. Will it fit in the required space? Will it be easily movable if needed?

Quite similarly the treadmill will require a suitable power source so this needs to be considered. Are extension cables a possibility or will the aesthetic inconvenience of this be off-putting?

To counter the positioning problems with an electronic treadmill there are two possible solutions. First of all look into battery powered machines as a way of using the treadmill without the need for a power source. The battery will need re-charging or replacing every so often so be sure to consider this as well. Many treadmills are now also foldable such as the Weslo Cadence 21.0 model which means they can be stored away easier after use.

There are some potential safety dangers that owning a treadmill can bring, especially in respect to young children. It has been known that severe have been caused when children touch the fast-moving belt. Loose wires or cables can also be a safety hazard and potentially become the source of tragic accidents. Parents should always keep young children in mind when coming to purchase any home gym equipment.

Further Buying Considerations for an Electric Treadmill

When coming to make the purchase of an electronic treadmill in-store or online from trusted sites such as eBay, a few simple questions must be taken into account.

  • First of all consider what the treadmill is being bought for? Will it be used as a regular and high-intensity piece of equipment as part of a rigid and professional fitness regime? If not, then will it be needed in the first place or will road-running be sufficient? An older person or someone recovering from an injury may only need to use the treadmill at walking pace thus a top-of-the range expensive model may not be needed.
  • What budget is set in place? Obviously, the more strenuous and often the workouts being carried out, the better the treadmill should be too. Adjust the budget accordingly. However, some motorised treadmills at the top end of the market can cost up to £10,000 which is out of the vast majority of peoples’ price range. A good option is to buy from eBay where models can be bought for much more affordable prices; there are many suitable for under £200. Some of the features that come with an electric treadmill, such as the heart rate control and even built in TV’s, may not be needed and unnecessarily push the price up.
  • Consider the physical attributes of the user/s. A taller person will require a larger space to run in for example. The average length of the treadmill will be around 45 to 54 inches but someone who is over 6 foot tall may require larger space. Even if a bigger model will cost more, a lower cost treadmill will not be worth the investment if it can’t tolerate your running stride. 
  • Will there be any other users of the treadmill? Be sure to consider anyone else who may have a go on the machine and their requirements. The treadmill may be big enough for one person, but not for another. Take into consideration their age, size and weight when coming to make a purchase.
  • The running speed can be adjusted to suit any preference but all electric treadmills will have a maximum speed. Of course the harder the training will be then the higher the top speed should be. Some higher-end models go up to 20mph but the average user will not be able to sustain this speed for very long.
  • Remember that it is most important to feel as comfortable as possible whilst running. The most strain will be felt on the lower body and the feet in all likelihood. A good, comfortable pair of trainers with added support may be required to deal with any potential discomfort.
  • The engineering of a treadmill is perhaps the most important aspect of it. The motor should power the belt around without any dissent; for example, any loud noises coming from the machine will mean the motor is struggling to keep pace with the required speed.

Where to Buy an Electric Treadmill From

Electric treadmills can be quite straightforward to buy from the high-street or from the internet alike, but will more likely to be cheaper and easier online as it can be delivered straight to the front door. Check out reviews of the treadmill from other users of the same treadmill from different websites. This will give first-hand reviews which are extremely valuable.

If choosing the buy online, then be sure to shop around for the desired model and check on eBay to see if it is available at a better price. Narrow down any search by typing in “electric treadmill” and using the preference bar on the left hand side. Be sure to keep safe however when using eBay and follow the following safety measures to ensure a secure transaction:

  • Read the item’s description carefully and make sure it is the right one for your needs.
  • Check the history of the seller, any negative feedback and also how many successful transactions they have completed.
  • Be sure to ask the seller a question if unsure of any aspect of the transaction.
  • Use PayPal as a fast and safe way of purchasing the treadmill.
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