Electric or Unpowered Supercharger Intakes - Part Deux!

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I should also have mentioned or rather asked the question (in my previous review) to anyone who wants to buy an electric supercharger.

"Have you ever seen a Turbo charged or supercharged car without an intercooler?" It is not a trick question the answer is NO, absolutely NOT.

The reason for this is also simple, when you compress air you are doing something to it, you are having to do work to creat the pressure, storing energy for want of a better expression. Making energy makes heat. Touch a light bulb if you are in doubt... No don't touch a light bulb - it will burn you, even a low energy buld will burn you. But you see my point.

So compressing air generates heat, so what, you have more air to burn... Wrong! Hot air is less dense in oxygen. (all the resistor chip mods pap on about tricking your ECU into thinking the air is colder) The principal is true. Cold air is more dense in oxygen (tricking your ECU into thinking air is denser does not make the air colder or more dense - its a trick) so any way the car measures the temperature and fuels accordingly, Supercharged or turbo charged engines also have a MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR. So now you can measure the amount of air and the air temperature and therefore the amount of oxygen. Superchargers and Turbo charged engines use an intercooler to cool the compressed air to increase the volume of oxygen in the space provided (The combustion chamber). More modern engines have a Lamda sensor - this measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust, so if there is oxygen, it adds more fuel etc. So you CAN'T trick a modern car, they are too smart. Don't remove the sensor or the car will run like a bag of bolts!

So if you do not have an intercooler the work done to compress the air is wasted as the air is hotter and less dense in oxygen, so less fuel is delivered. Why is it electric superchargers do not require an intercooler.

Because the 'fan' is just that, a Fan providing no compression therefore no hot air, the only hot air is provided by those selling these units. Ha Ha Then again I think they have the last laugh as people pay a lot of money for these £1 gimmicks.

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