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Electrician and technician tools are the extension of their professional skills. Owning and properly maintaining the right quality hand tools is a vital part of an electrician's and technician’s career. Good quality hand tools are of great importance when working with electrics. The variety of tasks that the typical "sparkie" faces calls for a selection of general builder’s hand tools, power and special testing instruments suitable for working with electrics.
Electricians are primarily involved in the installation, testing, assembling or maintaining of electrical equipment, wiring, appliances and fixtures using power and hand tools. Other requirements include the diagnosis of malfunctioning machinery, systems and components and finding the cause and correcting it with hand tools and test equipment. Tasks include creating routes for running wiring and cabling, mounting items including consumer units and back boxes for electrical accessories like switches and sockets and attaching and making connections to items like light fittings or remedial repair after inspection and testing.

Basic Tools for the Technician & Electrician

To begin with, there are the necessary regular builder's tools. Wood saws are invaluable and should include a shaped end "floor board" type plus a keyhole saw for cutting into plasterboard. For plaster, brick and stone (and removing awkward floor boards) both electrician's bolster type and standard cold chisels are a must. A claw hammer is useful to have and a club hammer is handy to use with the chisels for chasing out.
Prior to the electrician making the actual electrical connections there are often preparing and fitting tasks. Channelling such as round plastic conduit, rubber hoses, sleeving or even metal conduit needs to be cut to length and this requires a PVC pipe cutter, a standard hacksaw with bi-metal blades plus a good 5M tape rule for accurate measuring.
Although fixing to walls etc will probably be done with fasteners into holes made with power tools, the electrician still needs to ensure the end result is truly horizontal or vertical as required. A suitable long spirit level, ideally with three vials, is a must and it is always worth having a plumb setter and plumb bob too.

Common Electricians Tools

It is imperative to have a good selection of essential tools to hand for any job situation, ideally in a transportable tool bag or tool tote for easy access and convenience allowing you to complete the job in hand.
Common, essential hand tools for Electricians and Technicians include a good selection of VDE pliers, VDE cutters and VDE wire strippers. Quality brands for pliers, cutters and wire strippers include Wiha, CK Tools and Knipex. Linemans pliers are heavy duty pliers for general use in bending, cutting, crimping and pulling wire.  Needle nose pliers (also known as long nosed pliers) are useful for gripping in tight confined places.  Combination pliers are ideal for gripping, holding and cutting.  Pump Pliers are very handy to have in yout tool kit and are essential if you are working with conduit, such as EMT, flexible conduit, or teck cable. Diagonal cutters and classic side cutters are useful for cutting hard/ soft wires and cables.  Cable cutters are more powerful than regular pliers and are used to cut large cable.
Knipex VDE Wire Stripping Pliers have been designed for solid or stranded wire up to 5mm (10mm2) diameter, with plastic or rubber insulation. Available in many different sizes used to strip the insulation from the wire without damaging the wire.
It is essential to have a good quality set of screwdrivers.  It is more economical to purchase them in a complete set rather than individually, as well as saving you money it also increase the chances that you will have the driver that best fits the need. A basic set of screwdrivers should include the 3 main types of screwdriver heads. Wera, Stanley and Wiha all have a good choice of quality VDE screwdriver sets.
A Non-Contact Voltage Detector is a must for non-contact AC Voltage tests, earthing or ground connection checks, proper connection checking and broken wire detection. CK tools non- contact voltage detector is a high sensitivity tester which offers an extensive non-contact voltage detection range of 70-1000V AC, with bright red LED illumination on detection of AC voltage. An on/off switch helps to preserve the battery life and a green LED indicates when the detector is on, and there is an integrated self-test function. Installation category III 1000V offers protection against transient voltage spikes for the safe testing of fixed installations. The ergonomic dual component body construction has a handy pocket clip, and the detector is double insulated to ensure safe use near live circuitry.
A Stud Finder is the ideal hand tool for locating hidden objects without causing damage to surfaces such as walls or floors.  The stud finder is suitable for detecting AC voltage in live electric cabling, metal drywall supports, or nails, as well as wood studs or beams in partition walling. On detection there is an audible alert as well as LED indicator for added safety.
Flashlight/Headlamps are invaluable when you need some extra light for dark, confined places, or when the electric power is off while working on existing systems. Coast, Nextorch and Stanley have a varied range of hand held torches, head torches for hands free light, pen/ key ring torches that are compact and pocket size.
No electrical tool kit would be complete without at least one roll of black electrical tape even more useful would be a choice of coloured tape such as red and blue as this helps for identifying wires, etc. Duct tape is an absolute staple of any trade and should also be kept handy for use as a multi repair kit!

Which Tool Storage - Tool Bag, Tool Case Or Tool Tote?

This really is an individual preference. With so many choices of tool storage options available on the market it’s a tough decision. Toolventure have a good range of tool storage options including tool bags, tool totes, tool cases, pouches, Technician vests and sturdy tool boxes.
Quality tool storage brands include Stanley, GT Line, CK Magma range, Dewalt, McGuire Nicholas, ToughBuilt and Plano. Go to our tool storage section and choose the storage solution for you!

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