Electronic cigarette

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Absolutely fantastic.

I smoked for 35 years rolling my own. Never succeded in giving up. Then I discovered the electronic cigarette as sold in the smokelessciggy shop on ebay. Charge the battery.  plug in a cartridge. Then just smoke. Just like smoking a cigarette, no different, maybe like changing brands but thats all. Cartridge lasts all day. Battery lasts all day (Charges overnight) I feel as healthy as if I had given up, I can smoke in the pub. I will never smoke normal cigaretts again .

Get one , get used to it and save your life and your money. The guy who invented this should get a Nobel Prize (he won't, thats not how it works)

Just do yourself a favour and get one. You can get then for as little as £19.95, so don't go paying £39 or anything like that, there is no need. If you want more info about it just Google electronic cigarette, there is loads of information.


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