Emachine 8210

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Yet again SIAN8401 flies into save the Emachine population from the demise of the failed motherboard. Getting to be a very big habit this, the big shop in the high street make computers whose motherboards fail in the infancy of life and then expect the owner to throw the pc away and buy a new one or rebuild it at hugely inflated prices.

This one is the conquest of today, I fitted a new top quality motherboard, using the ebayer's own cpu,memory and restored their existing registered version of windows XP without any data or personal files loss at all. The pictures below are his computer in stages of fitting the new board. The whole operation took just 1 hour 50 minutes from start to finish, and cost £85.00 in total. Need more info contact Ebay SIAN8401 for details or ring 07926-106150.

Note: this is applicable to owners of Medion,Advent, Packard Bell,Compaq, Ei-System computers that are sold from the same location.

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