Email scamming warning!

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A short note to say that "Under no circumstances" should you log in to your ebay or paypal account from your regular email.

We are bombarded on a dalay basis with scammers using email to contact us with various messages such as "unpaid item strike received" or "Paypal account suspended" etc etc. These are "key words used by scammers to grab our attention and emotion and force us in to making this mistake.

The best thing to do is "NEVER LOG IN THROUGH YOUR EMAIL" Can you afford to give away your account details?

Just go to your internet explorer favourites list to open ebay as the url cannot be changed.

Enter Paypal also,  from the ebay url above.

Do not fall for the "Ive seen an item like yours" in the ebay message facility. They will usually include a url for you to copy and paste.

You will then find yourself at a fake ebay log in page, where you will be asked to log in. If you log in, you can bet your life that you just handed over your account details to scammer. Now just wait for the problems to start.....

You have the power to protect yourself. If in doubt, ask for help......

Kind regards

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