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This is just a brief note to help sellers and buyers alike. as a seller i have to admit it has been hard work maintaining 100% feedback with over 2500 sales. i was browsing some of the feedback from other, larger sellers and found the negatives were based on the items they order being delayed, or the seller not responding. i have personally experienced people who do not realise their email is actually wrong or "dead". these have usually been hotmail emails and after i reply the return instantly comes in saying delivery failed.

please check, and check again that your ebay email is correct as this is were most of the problems with communication start- a buyer emails, gets no response (as the seller never receives the email) so the buyer gets frustrated and shoots. you cant really blame the buyer as they have spent money and are not receiving any reply from the people with their money.

if the emails do not seem to go through, use the email feature in selling manager as this will go through ebay itself. also, many ebay emails get filtered as junk mail so be aware of this when you receive payment emails and other ebay emails.

common problems are buyers wanting to change postage details or similar and sellers wanting to let the buyer know that the item is out of stock, on order, or may be delayed slightly. either way- constant communication regarding even the smallest details will help the relationships between buyers and sellers. if sellers also set up automated emails in selling manager so the buyer gets notifaction that the order has gone through this will help a great deal: also state your postage time. with ebay no news is not good news unfortunately- they have no information and you have their money, which can lead to trouble. even people with 5000 sales and 99.8%+ feedback are given hell from buyers just because an item is delayed- usually being subjected to abuse and labelled scammers- how can you be scamming people if 5000 others had no problems? i once had a guy panic, stating my leatherman tools were fake. i said he must be very clever as no one else had spotted it so far :)

enjoy your ebay experience and be happy!


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