Embroidery Designs on ebay

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BE AWARE - BE VERY AWARE when buying Embroidery Designs on auction sites as YOU may be liable for a very large fine and compensation, Computer / Embroidery Equipment seizure and a Criminal Record. This is not a scare tactic but a very viable reality when purchasing well known character designs such a Mickey Mouse, Toy Story, PIxar Cars, Winnie the Pooh, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.,

You can be certain they will arrive on a recorded CD, copied from another CD or downloaded from the Internet, some designs copied and copied and copied. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the designs you are buying are legal, do not take any notice of the small print on some of the listings that have wordings such as "NOTE TO EBAY / VERO: These designs are digitized by myself.......", This is worthless and designed to dupe you, there are no copyright free images of most cartoon characters and none of any Disney Character, or other high profile characters from all the newest releases such as Pixar Cars, High School Musical to name a few.

IF IN DOUBT - LEAVE THEM OUT! Simple motto but it could save you a letter from the Embroidery Coalition, Court Summons, etc., It is not difficult to check, look on google for Brother Designs, check the prices for some of the newer cards with 20 designs selling for about £80 (GBP) then ask yourself how they are listing them on ebay for abou £3.00. It is FRAUD, it is ILLEGAL both to BUY and SELL.

There are lots of reputable designs available on ebay from true designers who spend a lot of time and money digitizing designs that they have created and sell on ebay from cuddly critters to a wide range of fonts - these are genuine and need your support. They also copyright and protect their designs but they are original, from the designer and well priced - they are "the bargain on ebay" you look for. Trust them and avoid the fraudsters, think, if it looks too good to be true then it probably is.


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