Emergency home generators, waste or a wise precaution?

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If worried by the possibility of downed power lines like tens of thousands in UK last last winter and you decide to be prepared, all that is needed is a reliable generator sited in an out building or away from the house to avoid noise and fumes..Also a  long cable to run from 230volt generator output ending in a normal UK domestic plug, BEWARE THE PINS WILL BE LIVE WHEN RUNNING!, switch off the big mains power switch in the house (so to isolate your home from the wider grid, , plug in cable then start generator, avoid running kettles electric cookers as these will be too big for most generators.always keep  a good stock of fuel, storing Diesel is safer. Items like spark plugs fuel filters cost pennies in real terms, so wise always to keep such items in stock 'just in case'. When you consider a simple cheap used Chinese generator can be had for £100 or so and will keep your central heating lights or x2 smaller halogen heaters internet TV all working I see it as being silly not to be prepared, but each to their own.

SKY NEWS 25th March 2013
"Thousands of people in the west of Scotland are spending a fourth night without power after two electricity pylons were toppled by sheets of ice and snow.

Ice has packed onto power lines, causing them to buckle under the weight, and forecasters have warned the wintry weather is set to continue across large parts of the UK.

A Met Office warning stated: "Bitterly cold easterly winds will persist this week, bringing snow showers to north-east England and light snow flurries across other areas of England."

Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) said 3,300 customers in Kintyre, Argyll, and on the Isle of Arran would remain cut off overnight.

This number is down from 5,000 earlier on Monday as around 400 engineers continue their efforts to restore supplies, it said. " 

Cold weather leaves thousands without power

Roads blocked, flights cancelled, trains disrupted, schools shut – and little sign of improvement in weather before Thursday GUARDIAN 34TH MARCH 2013.

A decent quality Petrol-Diesel Generator can give Thousands of hours of service, I have seen British made Petters that have done 3,000+ hours and just needed a service, another AD1 i had very recently had done 5,300 hours both still started instantly & ran and sounded like new machines.

Any machine  needs some minimal attention. If you never check the oil level or change the engine oil (or have it done for you) failures may occur very prematurely, I have met guys who bought brand new Diesel Generators and destroyed them in 4 Months, they never checked the oil level in all that time. 

Dirty air filters can cause the engine to 'labour' making less power using more fuel & emitting more pollutants.


If choosing a generator there are several things to consider, your likely power requirements, the duration-Fuel tank size required, noise level value for money, always look for a unit slightly larger than you may need, this way it won't be working 'flat out' & be overstressed which would reduce it's lifespan a great deal, go big if possible, they use a bit more fuel but are more robust. 


In Europe-UK we are spoiled-fortunate to have a very reliable Mains supply (in most areas) but in some parts of the World there is No reliable Mains power e.g. poorer parts of Africa in Gaza (IDF Israel with USA supplied weapons and UK complicity has bombed-destroyed all working power plants there leaving 1.5 Million people living mostly in darkness most weeks) & many other War Torn parts of the World  so they have to be used for Hospital -Theatre operations Incubators irrigation refrigeration of life saving Medicines, used regulary by Aid agencies UNICEF- U.N. Oxfam Cathod  & many others, even in remoter parts of USA power outages can be common often due to Lightening strikes.


Law Requires Gas Stations to Have Generators

In today’s uncertain times, particularly in times of disaster, gasoline can be one of our most valuable resources.  With past natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the world saw the turmoil and headaches caused by long lines at the gas pump, particularly during evacuation times.  The East Coast of the United States and the Gulf Coast are both areas that are especially vulnerable to hurricanes.  Recently, a law was passed in the state of Florida mandating that all gas stations have backup power generator sets installed.  Any gas station built after July 1, 2006 must have generators installed that can power both the pumps and the cash registers.  Any existing gas stations have until the end of July 2007 to install generators, but only if they are off of major evacuation routes and highways.  This new law can prevent downtime and extremely long lines at gas stations, making life easier on residents of Florida.  

The required generators at gas stations is just one of many new disaster preparedness laws that have come into effect in Florida, prompting other states to consider their current plans and laws.  The generators located at gas stations will allow people to be able to purchase gas, even in the dark, and can eliminate wait times that have lasted literally days at a time in the past when a hurricane struck.  This new requirement should be passed onto other locations in hurricane prone areas.  Many people feel that this should become law for places like North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and Louisiana, just to name a few.  Mandatory backup power generators are something that lawmakers need to look into for other locations as well, since power is needed in times of crisis, and important facilities that require power to operate should be required to have such generators.

Imagine the situation, Syria a land torn into pieces by Civil War Millions have grabbed their kids what they could carry to flee bombed and shelled cities that are now wastelands occupied only by invading government Soviet supplied tanks and mig jets bombing & blasting away any building that could be a potential firing point (whether occupied or not) & Assad's troops following behind clearing it house by house, opposed by desperate but determined & ill under equipped rebels from 12 years of age to 50's fighting as best they can .

Hundreds (600+ a day quoted on the BBC 13th August) of tired hungry and some wounded people flood into tented camps in Jordan Turkey Eastern Syria every night-day, moving at night is safer & means less are shot dead by Government snipers, unarmed civilians running away have regulary been targetted sadly, though both sides have committed many atrocities. http  ://youtu.be/iO3keRxRbso

         damage in Homs

All ages of Civilians especially Children Infirmed needing emergency treatment like amputations dehydration stopping bleeding or drips even cannot get seen to urgently as the medical tents have no power or electric lights, so many die needlessly as they have to wait until after dawn.

That is the reality when reliable generators can and do  save lives, I have tried to help by supplying 3 in total at low price to such refugee camps for a small UK based charity trying to do what they can one is in Homs and to another camp, another left recently , there are 80,000 in 1 camp alone.. vast numbers in neighbouring Jordan, the UN themselves recently appealed desperately for funds to help more. 

One of dozens of Syrian refugee camps


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