Entertaining Small Children on a Rainy Day!

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My son loves cutting and sticking!

I realized this after he had first started playground!

All you need is;

  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Some Old Magazines

I cut out some pictures from my old magazines and my son's old comics and he got his glue stick and glued the cutouts onto the paper!

I let my son use scissors as they are child friendly and now he will quite happily sit there for hours cutting pictures out of magazines and sticking them onto his paper!

It is a really cheap way of entertaining your children and you can make it education too!

You can add to it too, buy some glitter or foam shapes and integrate them into the collage or montage.

I will say to my son to do 'A Theme' for instance different types of shoes or things beginning with a certain letter, this makes my son happy because I am paying attention to what he is doing and my son is learning something whilst having fun!

I hope you parents out there find this useful in some way, I have told my friends and family, and all there children are now happily 'Cutting and Sticking'

I have many 'Originals' hanging around my home - from my son, my niece and my nephews!

You never know, one day those, 'Works of Art' that your child created might be worth a fortune and then you can sell the piece on here - EBay!





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