Ergonomics a comfortable workplace via Desktop Design

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Pen2paper stock many brands and specifications of ergonomic desktop supplies including Fellowes Ergonomics.

What is Ergonomics? An overview by Pen2Paper

A Comfort Zone for People
Ergonomics is the science of work-removing barriers to quality, productivity and human performance by fitting products, tasks, and environments to people. Ergonomic design is all about making the work environment and specific job tasks fit the worker's need for comfort, health and safety. In other words, "making objects work for the person" rather than "making the person fit the objects."

Get Physically Fit
Make your workplace work for you by ensuring your chair, desk, computer, phone and lighting all fit the needs of your body's six most important areas:
·    Eyes
·    Neck
·    Shoulders
·    Wrist
·    Back
·    Legs
Your comfort is also determined by how you protect each one of these areas by assuming correct ergonomic postures.

Keep Yourself Ergonomically Correct
Use this list to remind yourself to pay attention to how you're sitting. Post it near your desk where you interact with your computer and other equipment. (See related article: "Make Yourself Comfortable" for tips on how to use ergonomics in these areas.)
·    Line of Sight
·    Neck Posture
·    Arm Posture
·    Back Support
·    Leg Support
·    Foot Position
·    Glare
·    Viewing Distance
·    Work Surface
·    Mouse Position
·    Keyboard
·    Leg Space
Good Ergonomics Make Good Economics

A Healthy Workplace Keeps Working
Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) are the most prevalent, most expensive and most preventable workplace injuries in the country. They can affect muscles, tendons, nerves, joints and the spine. They also affect productivity and profit.

More than 600,000 employees suffer lost-workday MSDs each year. The leading cause of worker's compensation claims and costs, they account for $20 billion in
Interactive Tools

Learn how to work more comfortably with our interactive Ergonomic Solutions tool available on the fellows website

Create the comfortable workspace that you've always wanted. Try our interactive Desktop Designer to arrange an office to suit your needs.

This guide was adapted from the Fellowes web pages with their consent. We are a dealer of Fellowes office products and recommend buying Fellowes shredders, for ultimate document security.

Check out their site for more information:
Or take a look at these great Fellowes interactive tools:
Tools to help you work productively and securely!
  • Work More Comfortably
  • Record Storage Demo
  • Shredder Selector
  • Desktop Designer
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