Eric Clapton Ticket Buying Guide

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Eric Clapton Ticket Buying Guide

Even today Eric Clapton remains a major force in the music industry. The English singer-songwriter and guitarist who serenaded the world with 'Layla' and created such classic hits as 'Tears in Heaven' rose to fame during the 1970s. His output since has borne the influences of the musical stylings of Bob Marley and J.J. Cale. Today's generation of music fans have come to appreciate Eric Clapton's music. In 2004, he was awarded a Commander of the British Empire (CBE) at the Buckingham Palace for his outstanding contribution to the music industry.

Clapton has won 17 Grammy Awards over the course of his career and shows no signs of stopping yet. He is still out there doing what he does best: entertaining his fans with his music. Those who want to see Eric Clapton perform live can find tickets for his concerts online. Before conducting a search for tickets, it is important to know about the different types of tickets available and how to search for these tickets online.

Venues and Types of Tickets

Eric Clapton performs in several venues around the U.K., including concert halls, gig venues, and festivals. Buyers can catch Eric Clapton's performance in MEN Arena in Manchester, the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, and in Royal Albert Hall in London. Buyers can find tickets for all these venues online

Before buying a ticket for an Eric Clapton performance, buyers should compare the different types of tickets for sale for a particular concert. This helps one get a sense of the price range for the tickets. Buyers should also familiarise themselves with the venue seating options, as well as directions to the venue. Most online ticket outlets provide descriptions of all available tickets as well as complete maps for seating in different venues. If the the seller is reselling the ticket, the buyer should make sure to inspect the scan of the ticket carefully so as to assess the ticket's authenticity.

Sometimes it is just too much hassle to wait in the queue at a physical ticketing office to look at Eric Clapton's schedule of concerts and gigs. The more convenient option is to go online. There are different types of concert tickets based on far in advance of the concert the tickets are released. Knowing a little about these different types of tickets helps the buyer in his or her search for Eric Clapton tickets..

Presale Tickets

Concert promoters have different gimmicks to bring awareness to the concerts they are promoting. One way to promote a concert is to conduct an online presale, usually anchored to a contest offered by a radio show or a music website. These tickets are considered by many buyers to be premium tickets, because the tickets are not readily available otherwise. Although presale tickets are often equivalent in price to tickets available at a public onsale, the advantages of buying a presale ticket is that the buyer is more likely to get coveted seats without having to pay more than the face value of the ticket. Presale tickets, say, for Eric Clapton concert in Birmingham, are released a few days to a week before the public onsale of the tickets begins.

Buying Presale Tickets

Presale tickets are only available in a limited quantity for a limited time. When a buyer registers at a certain website and agrees to receive news updates from a performer or a band, the buyer has the opportunity to buy presale tickets when they become available. Another way is to tune in to a radio show promoting the concert to receive a particular password to a website that allows the buyer to get access to presale tickets for a limited time. Corporate-sponsored presale tickets require buyers to register as members of a programme related to a company's product or service.

Sometimes, a person who buys a presale ticket cannot use the ticket or the buyer specifically buys presale tickets to sell them to fans. The seller may offer such a ticket on a site like eBay and ask buyers to bid in an auction for the presale ticket. The bidder needs to gauge if the ticket is worth bidding for based on the seating option.

Public Onsale Tickets

If an Eric Clapton fan cannot find a presale ticket, their next option is to wait for the public onsale. While waiting for the release of tickets of Eric Clapton's concert in Manchester, for instance, buyers should know the exact date and time that the onselling begins so they can be the first in line to choose their preferred seating. A buyer must purchase with confidence during a public onsale because he or she only have a limited amount of time to complete the purchase before the ticket is made available for sale to someone else. Buyers who missed out on the public onsale of the ticket should look to auction sites such as eBay. They might encounter a seller there who is looking to resell Eric Clapton tickets because he or she can no longer make it to the concert.

Late Ticket Availability        

The truth is that concert promoters do not release every ticket during the public onsale. Promoters do reserve a certain number of tickets to give to the press, VIPs, and for promotional competitions. There are times when promoters come to realise that they have reserved too many tickets or that they do not need the tickets they have reserved. The promoters then try to sell the remaining tickets online. Note that these tickets were originally reserved for VIPs and other important people, so these tickets are for the best seats in the house. Buyers should expect late tickets to go for a lot of money. Buyers should periodically check online for Eric Clapton tickets in the days leading up to the concert for a chance to get their hands on these late-availability tickets.

Summary of the Types of Concert Tickets

The table below shows the different types of concert tickets buyers can purchase. It also summarises the benefits of each type of ticket.

Ticket Type

Where to Get


Presale Ticket

Promoter's (concert) website, artist's website, corporate promos, radio show promos, online platforms like eBay

Better chance of getting coveted seats

Public Onsale

Online ticket outlets, online platforms

Greatest availability of seating options

Late Tickets

Excess tickets supposed to be reserved for press, and VIPs

Usually for the best seats in the house

The table is a quick reference guide for buyers who are planning to get Eric Clapton tickets. It is important for music fans to know where to go to find particular types of tickets.

How to Buy Eric Clapton Tickets on eBay

eBay is your one stop venue for all tickets for Eric Clapton's concerts and festivals where he may be performing. It is very easy to find Eric Clapton tickets on eBay. You can do a direct search by typing a description of the concert into search field, using keywords such as 'Eric Clapton tickets London&' or you can start from the home page and navigate through the site, using links to various categories. eBay makes it easy to search for particular tickets by allowing the user to select various search filters. You can specify that the search engine only show listings for your preferred event or venue.

Assessing the Seller

It is important to only do business with reputable sellers. eBay makes it easy to identify such sellers. Those sellers who consistently deliver on what they have promised and provide their customers with good customer service have the highest feedback scores and are known as eBay Top-rated sellers. An icon next to the seller's username identifies him or her as an eBay Top-rated Seller. eBay also allows you to sort listing based on the status of the seller such that only those listing posted by Top-rated sellers appear on the results page.


With classic hits, and 17 Grammy Awards to his credit, as well as numerous other accolades, famed singer-songwriter and guitarist, Eric Clapton remains one of the most influential musicians today. Eric Clapton is not showing any signs of retiring from the stage soon and so continues to perform live in concert halls in the U.K. and around the world. Fans who want tickets to performances by Eric Clapton can look up his concert schedule online.

When buying tickets, it is important for buyers to familiarise themselves with the current market price for tickets to ensure that they get good deals on tickets. The buyer should always inspect the scan of the ticket he is planning to buy, and ask for proof of authenticity from the seller, like a purchase receipt. There are different types of Eric Clapton tickets, or tickets in general. Buyers can choose to buy a presale ticket, which often comes with the advantage of better seating options, a public onsale ticket, or a late ticket, which usually offers the best seats in the houses and so can be quite expensive. Knowing what tickets to buy and when to buy them makes all the difference when shopping for the best Eric Clapton tickets.

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