Escape and evasion items as used in WW2

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The explosion of interest in collecting fascinating items manufactured for use by members of SOE and OSS during WW2 can be justifiable due to the success of e-Bay. Many including such items as Escape Compasses/Maps/Weapons and Technical clandestine equipment are now extremely difficult to obtain with the result that many are being reproduced and in some cases sold as original.The answer to obtain the original  as an investment is nothing more than knowledge and persistant research.One must realise that nothing was known as to such items following the end of the war as they were still secret, so much so, that many fell through the net of government surplace clothing without the buyer ever knowing it, and then discarding it. Whilst many technical items like transmitters and receivers, were sold for pittance in consideration of cost; fortunately those in the know had a field day.Thankfully including many amateur radio ethusiasts.There are some excellent publications based on actual knowledge which are ofton available on eBay and it is well worth the effort to look for such. They will not be cheap.  Fortunately many War Museums will assist the enthusiast collector - its well worth a try. Happy bidding.

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