Essential Britpop Singles Collection

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If you're a real fan of the 1990s Britpop era you'll know there was more to it than the eternal feud between Blur and Suede! It was an exciting time when hundreds of young British bands with attitude exploded onto the live music scene all over the UK trying to gig their way to fame and notoriety before MP3s, downloads and online social networks existed, and when record stores, fanzines and word-of-mouth were THE way to find out about the best and latest bands that the NME and Melody Maker had decided to ignore.

This collection of thirteen original Britpop 7" vinyl singles is the perfect way to familiarise yourself with a taste of the musical flavour of this era (search = Original Britpop 7" Singles (Set of 12) vinyl - MINT!)

These discs have been in storage all their lives, so they're pretty much in mint condition and as they arrived in the 1990s. They include:

ASH: angel interceptor, 5am eternal, give me some truth.

S IS FOR SPACE: sunshine, in my blue car (limited edition no. 0616).

SHINER: we don't mind, we'll make you famous honey.

JOCASTER: go, trapped (gatefold sleeve + vivid green vinyl).

BLUETONES: bluetonic, glad to see y'back again.

BLESSED ETHEL: fat star, veronica (white label promo).

JUNE: stripteaser, all of me (inc. press release sheet).

THE WANNADIES (how does it feel) plus DUFFY (london girls) - double sided white label promo.

SKYSCRAPER (choke) plus MINT 400 (she hangs beautiful) - double sided white label promo.

STERLING: lucy is fine, pit (inc. press release sheet).

MARNIE: voices, vision.

CABLE: blindman, give em what they want.

PLACEBO: come home, drowning by numbers (inc. press release sheet).

Do yourself (or a very good friend) a favour and add this great set of discs to your collection - even if you don't have a record player they're a fantastic and unique piece of British music history to own and treasure!



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