Essential Items for Creating Stunning Hanging Baskets

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Essential Items for Creating Stunning Hanging Baskets

Stunning hanging baskets add beauty, fragrance, and interest to the home. They are an easy way to bring a garden to eye-level. While these floral decorations can be purchased premade, creating them yourself allows for a unique twist.



Generally fashioned from wire or plastic, artificial hanging baskets and live hanging baskets vary in diameter from 20 to 61 cm. The size of the plastic or wire hanging basket directly relates to the amount of water it can retain. Keep in mind that small hanging baskets may require daily watering, while larger hanging baskets may only require periodic watering.



Wire hanging basket liners include sphagnum moss, coco fibre, burlap, and supamoss. Though aesthetically pleasing, sphagnum moss proves difficult to work with and is limited in the amount of water it holds. Similarly, coco hanging basket liners are very porous and tend to dry out quicker than pressed paperboard or plastic. Though attractive, their thickness makes it difficult to plant through the sides. For a thinner alternative, consider burlap liners. Although unable to retain water well and often unattractive, they are treated with copper to slow degradation. Still, supamoss, made of dyed, recycled cotton fibres sewn into thin green plastic sheeting, allows for adequate water retainment. It also proves easy to work with; simply poke holes through the material for planting.



Stunning hanging basket plants require a potting mix. It should be lightweight and contain a slow-release fertiliser; this eliminates the need for semi-weekly treatments with a quick-acting, water-soluble plant fertiliser. Purchase enough potting soil to fill your basket within an 2 to 5 cm of the rim. Another good idea is to invest in water-retaining crystals, which act in a similar fashion to water-absorbing mats, helping the hanging basket to retain moisture.


Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are perhaps the most essential item for creating stunning hanging baskets. Pack the basket with a single type for optimal visual impact, or combine various species to create a unique feel. For a combination basket, consider using a larger, more spacious basket; use multiple species, including tall, midrange, and trailing forms for variety. Taller trailing plants, such as petunias, should be top planted, while shorter trailing plants, such as "Tapien" purple verbena, should be planted along the basket's edges for a full looking floral display. Additionally, incorporate various bloom sizes within the basket; vinca, miniature rose, and petunia offer large flowers, while lobelia, hyssop, and calibrachoa have delicate blooms.

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