Essential Tools for Replacing Your Laptop LCD Screen

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Essential Tools for Replacing Your Laptop LCD Screen

A laptop is an expensive piece of electronic equipment that gets used regularly and is designed to be carried around and taken out and about. For this reason, they sometime break. When a laptop LCD screen breaks, owners have two options. They may replace the entire laptop, or they can replace the screen. Buying a replacement screen is easy when one has the laptop's make, model, and serial numbers. It pays to know which essential tools are necessary, and what to do before beginning the repair.


Replacement LCD Screen for the Laptop

A broken laptop LCD screen need not mean the end of the laptop itself. Replacing a broken screen costs far less than replacing the entire laptop, and is relatively easy to do with a few simple tools. It is necessary to ensure a replacement screen is available that matches the broken one. Use make, model numbers, and serial numbers to identify the correct replacement LCD screen. Owners may like to buy a replacement screen on its own, or purchase a broken laptop where the screen is intact. Replacement laptop screens are available for sale online, at speciality computer stores, and directly through the manufacturer. Buying online may offer greater value for money, while buying through the manufacturer may offer peace of mind, but is likely to be more expensive.


Essential Tools Require to Replace the Laptop LCD Screen

In order to remove the old screen and replace it with a new one, a few basic tools are essential. A small magnetic Phillips screwdriver, like a Phillips 00 screwdriver or Torx T5 screwdriver, a small allen wrench, small tweezers, and a flathead screwdriver or metal ruler to pry the frame apart. A plastic spudger is also useful to have handy for prying the frame from the screen. First, unscrew the screws holding the frame around the LCD panel, then use a tool to pry apart the entire frame from the broken screen. Laying the screen face down on the laptop keyboard, disconnect any cords. Insert the new LCD screen and test before putting the frame back together entirely.


Before Replacing the Laptop LCD Screen

If the broken laptop is under warranty, it is best to find out if the repair is covered under the warranty before attempting the repair at home. Attempting any home repair may immediately void any warranty on the item. For safety reasons, it is important to ensure one disconnects all power to the laptop. Remove the power cord, ensure the laptop is off, and remove the laptop's battery back before beginning any replacement.

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