Europa Trading Crusader

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Well, what can I say about my "Crusader" or if you prefer you can find them as Giantco Prince HY150 (125cc)?

I bought my bike just a year ago now from Europa, here's the story.

As various other writers of guides have stated, the bike will come on a drop tail waggon, cardboard boxed but bolted to a steel frame. Assembly is reasonably straight forward, even to a novice, but be sure to check absolutely everything (including oil) and bleed the front brake so it's working properly (these are sometimes a real pain to bleed just like some of the Jap stuff) before venturing out on it.

All in all I've got everything I expected from the bike over the last year, it's really not been that bad, remember this isn't a Jap bike by any means, and you will need to do stuff to it, here's a list of thing's I've personally had to do (outside of oil changes and general maintenance).

I had a problem with the handlebars initially, the bolts that run through the bushes in the headstock had no means of security at all on the bottom the bolts also keep the indicators in place, the problem was the rubber bushes protrude on the underside of the headstock.
This meant that the bolts were not really being effective making the whole handlebar assembly and indicators wobble on the (anti vibration) rubber bushes. I summised that there appeared to be a couple of top spacers missing that bring up the bushes, probably should also be rubber but unsure, so I fabricated two suitable spacers from steel tubing and fitted them to the top side of the headstock so the go into the round depressions there, yes there's a bit more vibration on the bars but for me not really a problem.

The speedo is rubbish, I bought a cheap wired (the wireless ones have very limited range and wouldn't work for me on this bike) cycle computer, this will go to 99mph (the bike won't by a long chalk) and this sits on the bars between the two handlebar securing brackets. Then I removed the old speedo cable inner, this is very accurate now the original mechanical one was reading about 10mph slow/fast depending on your speed.

You need to be very careful with the plastics, the fixing studs are quite brittle and are easily snapped.

The clutch cable snapped - it was down to a couple of threads when I got home and noticed, I pulled the lever a couple of times and it totally gave way, there's quite a sharp bend at the lever adjustment to cable area, this is where it went but I got onto Europa for a new cable and for 7 quid including postage got a new one within a day or so, absolutely no hassles there.

The horn bracket snapped - once again back to fabrication and built a better one and replaced the horn at the same time for something less buzzy.

The right hand riders footpeg securing nut dropped off, the bolt on this had come loose and dropped through, not a massive problem as the bolt goes downwards as it should do, but meant removing the assembly and rebuilding with a new coach bolt and nut.

It kept blowing headlamp bulbs, this came down to vibration and I've fitted a rubber grommet between the bulbholder and the headlamp body.

I've done approximately 7500 miles on this bike now, saved a shedload of cash because it's really cheap motoring (I still run a car but have been able to downsize from my gas-guzzling Merc). If you're reasonably competent with a spanner you should have no problems at all.

At the end of the day for the cash it's been a reasonably good experience despite the above, it's not yet let me down, the engine seems to be bullet-proof so long as it's serviced properly and you just need to keep on top of it.

It's easily paid for itself for me and all in all I'm a happy customer, I would like to see a proper workshop manual available, but was able to pick up a very cheap CB125 manual which covers what appears to be almost exactly the same engine and fuel system.

You can see spares on the web at www dot china-parts dot co dot uk but I haven't bought from this site so cannot recommend either way.

Hope this guide helps someone.

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