Europa X-DIRT

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I brought an X-DIRT 125 from europa trading & think these bikes are dangerous & anyone purchasing one of these bikes should be very carefull.
I had problems with this bike from the start, the bolts that hold the handlebars rusted up & one snapped off!
The bolts are all made from very poor quality metals & I do not think they should be holding a motorcycle together. The exhaust cover came off when driving down the road & almost got me knocked out by an angry driver when it hit his car!!
I just want to give my honest opinion, these bikes are slapped together to save money & maximise profits for both the asian manufacturers & the sellers.
If I f*rt a part falls off :) The colours fade & everything rusts due to the poor quality metals used, I think if you are a mature driver wanting a slow cruise to the end of the road you may be ok for a while but I would advise anyone to steer clear of these poor quality imported bikes & buy a named bike that wont fall to pieces.
I was scared to ride down the road incase something else fell off!!!!

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