Eurovox Max V Price Fix ???

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It has come to my attention via other ebay sellers of the Eurovox Max V , that the makers apparently set the price of this receiver for sale on ebay , this being approx £129.99 inc postage, i have also been informed by 3 different ebay members who are currently selling this product, ( i will not post ebay usernames), that state they have informed The makers of this receiver with the view of removing myself from gaining supplies to stop me selling altogether. My views ....... in todays free market , i should be allowed to sell any item on ebay , even if i was to sell at a loss , and i will continue to do so , any pressure from any ebay seller or any other source to stop me will be met with an appropriate responce and any relevent authorities will be informed.



Hi, just letting you know that you have been reported to the UK distributor of the Eurovox Max V by myself and the other main sellers as you are selling it for way under the £129.98 set price that all sellers have to strictly stick to. Failure to change your price will result in your stock being stopped and the original seller you purchased them will also be effected. Please take this message seriously. Kind regards, *******


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