Ever felt held to ransom by your feedback?

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Bought or sold something and feel hard done by, were dealings awkward, hard work or did you feel ripped off?  

This works both ways and having been an eBay member since 2003 with 278 feedback ratings of 100% I finally feel I'm over it and don't actually care anymore! 

If a buyer or seller is rude, unhelpful or unresponsive I just cancel the transaction and move on.  Off the top of my head I can only recall 3 times in 11 years when I've had problems.  

There was the guy who bid on and won my plastic shed then said he was not happy with the numerous evening slots and day and a half over weekend when I was available, he wanted to collect during the week during working hours and no amount of explaining that I worked full time would placate him.  Then when a time was finally agreed I waited in, he never showed or contacted me until hours after saying he would now be along the next day but he now stated he would only pay if the shed was as described!?!?  I was fuming by now and didn't actually want to meet him I canceled the transaction, re listed the item and ignored his rude emails. 

Then there was the New Zealander upset that the Bunnykins box was dented - the enclosed china bunny had travelled across the world and arrived unscathed though...  I apologised and after a major rant - it was very strange - she then said she was sorry for getting so upset and had just realised she had 4 spare boxes in her cupboard..... Maybe she'd just had a bad day...

More recently I purchased a baby bath and changing station, once won the seller sent an email telling me I could collect at 10.30 the next morning - no other options, ok fine, but no address was given, not even when I messaged to ask.  10.30 came and went, I sent another message and a text still no response.  The bath is a 45 journey away from me and I'd already rearranged my Sunday morning to collect so I wasn't best pleased.  Then at 13.30 I get a text saying "you can collect at 4.45" no apologies or explanation.  I just cancelled the transaction, I'd wasted enough of my precious weekend and they still hadn't given their address!  I brought the bath brand new for £20 more delivered from toyrus in the end.  Life is too short.

In all instances neither of us left feedback.  All for fear of retaliatory feedback I guess. 

Don't be held to ransom by your fear of poor feedback though, if someone is especially rude or difficult to the point that they are upsetting you, don't deal with them - especially if collections are involved.  With the same token make sure it's not you being short, rude or difficult.  Sometimes people are just direct and straight talking  - don't be too sensitive and mistake this bluntness for rudeness. 

Be polite, be friendly, be helpful, be amenable and accommodating, particularly if collection in person is required - offer a few time slots not just one and work together for pleasant and mutually beneficial eBay experience. 

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