Everything You Need to Know About Blank DVD Discs

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Everything You Need to Know About Blank DVD Discs

To safely store a wide range of data, such as text documents, photos, and video, a blank DVD disc is the ideal option. Blank DVD discs hold a large amount of information and are very practical for home or office use. When looking at purchasing blank DVD discs, it pays to understand a bit about them and the difference between recordable and rewritable discs, to be aware that there are standard and mini size discs, and to know some of the top DVD disc manufacturers.


Overview of DVD Discs

First appearing on the market in 1995, digital video discs (DVDs) are a format on which to store digital optical data. While being exactly the same size as a CD, DVD discs offer far greater storage capacity, making them the ideal choice for graphics, such as video and movies. A pre-recorded DVD disc, like a movie, is called a DVD-ROM. Re-playable many times over, it is not erasable. Blank DVD discs are relatively inexpensive and enable the user to record once and replay multiple times or re-record multiple times.


Recordable Blank DVD Discs

Two types of recordable blank DVD discs are available, called DVD-R and DVD R. The original type of blank disc format first available, blank DVD-R discs have a capacity of 4.7 GB, about six times that of a CD. Blank DVD R discs offer a more reliable recording feature. Both these recordable DVD discs are single use, meaning the user can record once only and then replay the data repeatedly. They are not erasable or re-recordable. Once recorded onto, recordable DVD discs work in the same way as a DVD-ROM.


Rewritable Blank DVD Discs

In 1999 the first rewritable blank DVD discs became available. With a capacity storage identical to recordable DVD discs, rewritable discs include DVD-RW and DVD RW. Many manufacturers consider that users may record data onto a rewritable DVD disc up to 1,000 times.


Standard and Mini Blank DVD Discs

Standard blank DVD discs are 12 centimetres in diameter, identical in size to a blank CD. A smaller, 8-centimetre DVD disc is also available, known as a Mini DVD disc. A blank disc often features a number, for example, DVD-R-2. This number refers to the disc's storage capacity. Blank discs are available with a storage capacity from 1GB right up to 18GB.


Top Manufacturers of Blank DVD Discs

A few top brands of blank DVD discs are available. Sony, Philips, Panasonic, and Toshiba are the first manufacturers to have been selling blank discs since their release in 1994. Other brands, like Verbatim, Maxell, and TDK also sell top quality blank DVD discs at reasonable prices. For those who use blank discs to record a lot of data, it is advisable to buy blank discs in bulk lots. Most manufacturers sell them in packs of 25, 50, 100, and 200.

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