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When buying a new rug, be sure to choose a rug that will suit its room or floor space. 
Ask your self is the size right, and do the colours match will the design suit the room 
there are so many different types of rug to choose thick pile contemporary, fine 
Traditional, colourful Shag piles and more. Time and care should be taken before 
The lifespan of a rug depends on many factors - the quality of the rug, its place in the 
home, the number of residents in the house - all these things and more will have an 
influence on the durability and life of the rug.
When buying online as thousands do it may prove easier as you can see the rug on 
the screen and in the room. We have taken extra care and time with photography to 
enhance the quality of the product display. 
 Caring for your RugsA new rug will last longer and look better with regular vacuuming, due to the high 
power many hoovers have we recommend using the nozzle at a small distance so as 
not to create tufts and pulls.
A good vacuum cleaner is required as well as carpet shampoo, dry cleaning fluid and 
clean absorbent cloths or paper tissues to remove spills.Rug cleaning spot and stain removal tipsRegular cleaning - will keep you rug looking new 
Vacuum clean regularly - to remove grit and soil from the rug
Deal with spillages - immediately so discolouring does not occur
When your rug requires a very good clean either do it yourself or seek the advice and 
help of a professional company. If you decide to do it yourself use approved 
Don’t use detergents or liquids recommended for general household use, these can 
lead to discolouring and damage the pile or backing of the rug. 
Most rugs come with a maintenance guide and instructions on care. Turn the rug so it 
receives equal light and so equal fading over time. 

Before starting ANY wet cleaning ALWAYS test the carpet in an inconspicuous place 
for colour fastness. Also check, if possible, any maintenance leaflet that came with 
the carpet for the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding wet cleaning.
It is almost always best to engage the services of a professional carpet & upholstery 
cleaning company. This is also the recommendation from carpet manufacturers.
To get a really expert job done entrust the work to a carpet cleaning company.


All rugs are manufactured to the highest standard, we have invested heavily in the photography of the products to give you the customer the added advantage of four separate views of the rug before you purchase. 
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