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New to Lighting?

If you are new to lighting then you are in the right place. Festive Lights have a wide range of products to suit every occasion with our online store containing more than 1000 products. Our ever expanding ranges cover all aspects of lighting from unique household GU10 and E27 colour changing Bulbs, Rope Lighting, Wall Washers, and other Architectural Lighting to traditional Festoon Lighting and Fairy Lights.
The majority of our products are LED (Light Emitting Diode), which allows you to have all the beauty and brightness without the need to replace bulbs or expensive electricity bills and also cut down in size. LED lighting is 90% more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and will therefore keep your bill down. The information is key for a first time buyer as you may as well be up to date with lighting technology rather than start with out of date products that will double your energy usage. 
Here are 3 key points to look out for:
1. Latest LED energy saving products 
2.  Choose the best lights to serve you needs and purpose
3. Colour, as well as to suit the purpose, colour can make a room or object warm and inviting or bright and noticeable

Lights For a Purpose

Depending on the place or purpose you are intending on using the lighting will almost determine the type of product you require, although generally there will be a couple of different style options to choose from. For example:


• If you have just moved house and are looking to purchase your first Christmas Tree, you could look at Artificial Trees with String Lights or Fairy Lights or Pre-Lit Artificial Trees to save yourself the time evenly distributing your lights on your tree every year.

• If you are looking for background or mood lighting for home or use within the work place then Rope Light, Strip Lighting or high powered Spot Lighting may be the lights for you.

• Require Lighting for an event whether it be a wedding or a concert, we have a wide range of Curtain Lights which can be made to any size or colour.

• No power points? We also have a large range in Solar and Battery powered lighting, which includes a Solar Security to keep the burglars away and battery powered Fairy Lights for any occasion.

Being new to lighting doesn’t have to be daunting, for any further advice or information please call our experienced team on +44 (0)1257 79211

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