Exactly How Safe Is Paypal?

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We all prefer to use paypal, weather we're selling or buying. It's convenient for both buyers and sellers as money is sent/received instantly.

We think we're protected as we have a verified account, but are we really?

Recently I sold two items for which my buyers payed via paypal and therefore I sent the items out the following day, and a few days later I receive an email from paypal informing me they have placed the funds on hold.

I phoned up paypal to find out why this has happened and they didn't have a valid reason to give me untill I requested to speak to someone with a higher authority. They told me that I have received potentially "unauthorised" funds and they have placed the funds on hold temporarily untill they investigate the matter further.

Anyways, a few days later I get another email saying the funds have been reversed back to the sender to which I was not amused I phoned them up again, without being able to help me out I was forced to either report the matter to the police or simply lose my items and the money, which I was not prepared to do.

So firstly I decided to contact both my buyers. One pleaded innocence and kindly sent payment via personal cheque and the other buyer wasn't replying.

So I filed a Non-Paying alert with ebay in order to get a reply and before I knew it the buyer responded and re-sent payment via cheque.

So obviously the funds were authorised and there is some sort of error with paypal.

Paypals customer service was terrible even tho I gave them reference numbers for both my items (as I send all my items recorded or special delivery) which provided proof of delivery. And also showed the positive feedback from the buyers confirming they have received their items.

So even tho paypal is still the prefered payment method and if not accepted you are potentially losing potential buyers, I have decided to refrain from using their services for the time being.

If you experience the same remember to contact your sellers first as an honest buyer will re-send payment and failing to respond file a non-paying alert. If all communication attempts fail, report the matter to the police.

Also in order to protect yourself further do not send your items to an unverified address, and remember to always obtain proof of postage.

Hope you've found this of some help.

Kind Regards

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