Excellent New Programme a Must See for Everyone

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If you thought you knew fakes and swear you are a person who would never be caught out ... think again ... this is a very good insight into the depths of the counterfeiting industry and just what has been copied .... its a hard hitting and enlightening a must see for everyone.

It has certainly made me think about just what is safe to buy online ... if it seems to good to be true it often is ....

A BBC programme - Fake Britain looks at the forgeries and fakes on the High Street. In times of recession everyone seems to be looking for a deal, but how do we know if our latest purchase really is the bargain it says it is?

Dom Littlewood presents this five-part consumer series from a seemingly ordinary house, except everything is not as it appears – the house is crammed full with counterfeit goods, phoney medicines and even fake food.

Dom sets out to investigate consumer crime and uncover the tactics criminals use to con the British public.

Each programme will look at the individuals intent on supplying fake goods, the victims duped into believing they've bought the genuine article and the law enforcement agencies set up to combat what is a massive multi-million-pound business surrounding counterfeit goods.

And experts will be on hand to advise on how to avoid becoming another statistic of Fake Britain.


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