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Best ways to deal with excema

I have lived with excema for all my life(24years) and I have gone through so many different creams and remedies! 

If you have a fairly light bit of excema or dry skin, e45 creams, oilatum and just normal moisturisers will help clear it and keep it at bay. By moisturising after having a shower every morning, will help stop flare ups, and help keep skin healthy.

However, large patches of excema you need a thicker based cream as I have found light and thin creams like e45 will not work as well! Creams And ointments like diprobase and epiderm, are thicker, which will take the skin longer to soak up. For large sore pitchers, you may need to go to the doctors which they may prescribe you steroid cream like hydrocortisone. A thin layer of this and it normally sorts it out and it will starts disappearing within a day or two. 

Sometimes, taking some antihistamine will stop the itching and take any redness down. I've also heard that filling a sock full of oats, tying it off, and putting it in the bath with you, will release a natural moisture in the bed and help calm Excema. It is also 100%natural. Another 100% natural remedy I have found lately is nipple cream, lanolin. A thick natural moisturiser, so kind to the skin. I have been using it on dermatitis on my hand, and since using it, it has cleared up massively! Please don't be put of, as I was sceptical but because I had a tube left over from breastfeeding, I thought why not, after seeing the results on myself, I've started using it on my 3yr old and my 3 month old skin whenever they have dry spots. No chemicals involved! 

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