Excessive postage fees

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Is it just me or do others find ebay reviewers like "wizzardorea" who bleat on trying to justify their extortionate postage fees quite nauseating ? Having seen her 22 negative feed-backs and checked out her postage fees its quite obvious why she felt driven to write the nonsense she did. She clearly has no idea about the ethos and spirit of ebay as she is to busy creaming off a few pounds here and a few pounds their every time she sells something. Lets face it, if you are a power seller or someone who just sells a lot of items in general, to make a couple of quid an item is quite a lucrative little business in itself. Then after writing her sordid little review she was caught out on a blatant lie by another sharp eyed ebayer who was able to point out she didn't have to travel 8 miles to her nearest post office as there were indeed several much closer. I have been ebaying for over 5 years in various guises and it never ceases to irritate when I receive a package through the post to find I have paid up to 3 or 4 times the actual postage costs. The practise is widespread on ebay and although ebay huff and puff about it from time to time I suppose there is little they can do against these unscrupulous people. It is a rip off, a blatant scam, theft and the penny pinching fraudsters concerned are a disgrace to ebay. No doubt certain ebayers will jump to the defense of "wizzardorea" but probably because they do the same thing, after all why should any self respecting ebayer really want to defend the indefensible ? Who wants to pay several times more than they need to ? Well we shall see.
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