Expensive Philips Azur 4340 Iron

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Expensive Philips Azur 4340 Iron
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Thought I should make people aware of the current price of the Philips Azur Precise 4340 Iron. Many of the sellers listing these items are quoting the RRP as "£70 from Argos", but this is very, very wrong. Argos are in fact selling these for £48.99.

Many of the irons offered for sale are actually factory graded, meaning they may be slightly damaged (cosmetic) or they have been returned for some reason. If you check, the majority of them are being sold for between £40 - £50 including postage and packaging, even more than that on some Buy It Now listings.

Just bear this in mind when bidding on or buying one of these irons.

* Don't pay more for a factory graded item than it would cost to buy a brand new, mint condition one! *

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