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I recently purchased an item from express key fobs, they had relatively good feedback and the price was good too. I purchased my item and paid extra for 1st class delivery. My item didn't arrive and the response from them is the only reason for writing this review. 
I emailed them and said "the item has not arrived" I wasn't overly concerned as royal mail have thousands of items late or lost every year so I asked if it was definitely sent out and posted 1st class as paid for. 
Their response some what amazed me. 
Express key fobs-
" Were not happy either but there is no point in blaming us. Your item was posted 1st class it's down to the royal mail.  Sorry but it's not our fault."
Firstly nowhere did i blame them i merely wanted to know if it was sent secondly what kind of a response is that to a buyer i was pretty shocked but didn't say anything. 
"Hi i was merely checking if it was posted 1st class. My item has still not arrived with today's post either so can you please either refund me or send me out another. 
Regards *Myself*"
Express key fobs-
"Dear *Myself*. We find it strange that your item has not arrived because the Royal Mail deliver 98.5% of all mail on time. We also sent an item out to the same street as you two days before your order and they have received the item ok. We take this kind of thing very seriously at Expresskeyfobs and that is why we have contacted Royal Mail and eBay and one or both will be in contact with you." 
They added,
"With today's automated systems the Royal mail no longer have parcels go missing because all posted items are tracked" 
If this statement is true where is my package then as someone should know!
Express key fobs-
"Please wait 10 days" "If you are not satisfied with our answer contact eBay and let them deal with it, eBay will of course monitor your account for future in there attempts to stamp out fraudulent activity and protect the genuine sellers"
Reading this made me see red as how I read it I have just been accused of theft. I cant read it any other way!
"That was the most insulting response I have ever received in all the years of using ebay, Your customer care is shocking I am disgusted that you accuse your customers of theft! 
"I've never felt angry about spending an extra 95p on first class but i guess the 1st class delivery matches your 1st class customer service, both are non existent!
Express key fobs-
"Hello *Myself*, We are not sure why you have reacted this way and nowhere in our message do we accuse our customers of theft" 
(No but certainly the accusation was there!)
"If you are disgusted by the fact that we had to notify both eBay and the Royal Mail to make them aware that there was a problem then we are sorry you feel this way." 
(I was not disgusted by this just by your customer service)
"In all the years of trading on eBay we have never had a reply from a customer like yours."
"To be quite honest we feel your response is a little harsh and we think you have taken this out of context which is a shame. Annoyed? Well that now makes two of us."
Seriously now who do they have writing these emails? What ever happened to we are sorry we will look into this for you or something along those lines a response any reputable company would reply. But no this company's customer service was to first blame royal mail and then accuse myself. 
I was so upset I have written this just for that reason having never done this before. 
I hope they will treat their customers better in the future!

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