Extortionate Postage Charges

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"I got a bargain!!! Ebays so cheap.....but look at the postage!?

This is a real annoyance to me, and please bare in mind this is my opinion, although I suspect it is similar to others thoughts on this when they get drawn to these amazing and astonishingly cheap items listed in Ebay.

Who wouldnt click on a link for a Television or something equally amazing on  ^Buy it now^  for just .99p.. wow what a bargain..but hold on..why is the postage £200.00 or whatever...

Simply put, the seller doesnt wish to pay those fees proportionate to the sale price that we all get charged when we list our items fairly.

Just imagine how much money these people are saving themselves each time you purchase from one of these ebayers!


However, on to other extortionate postage charges.

As you look over Ebay you start to see trends, one has been the postage charge/s, these are where some sellers make money on this part of the sale as well.

It is however fair to say that buyers as well as sellers should consider what goes in to postage charges:

Packing materials (various and assorted) if you dont have enough items that you have saved from recycling then you have to purchase these things.

Envelopes, wrapping paper, boxes, bubble wrap, wrapping foam, packing tape ect.

Most post offices are not in your back garden! Many people need to drive to their local post office, or maybe there isnt a local one as its been shut down, car fuel costs money.( so use a bike or walk...ok the upkeep of your bike costs too, as well as shoe leather and time it takes to get there.)

Postage stamps, and that little matter of using "SIGNED FOR RECORDED DELIVERY" which costs extra and is, in my not so humble opinion worth every penny to stop fraudulent ebayers from claiming that they have not received the item you have so carefully packed..(see my packing guide)

Please ensure that you charge appropriate prices for packing and posting, you are entitled to re coup the money you have spent fairly on getting the item to the buyer, but, you dont need to make money on that side of it too, all it does is make buyers suspicious and makes it harder for others on ebay to sell their items without having to answer emails about postal charges.

Happy Ebaying

and thank you for reading.



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