Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings Buying Guide

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Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings Buying Guide

Acoustic guitar players always need to have spare strings because they break or wear out. There are many thicknesses of acoustic guitar strings available, and many players prefer extra light strings. Learning more about the features and the types of extra light strings used for a variety of acoustic guitars helps musicians to buy the most appropriate strings for their musical instrument.


Overview of Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

The weight of acoustic guitar strings refers to their thickness. Extra light strings are the thinnest type available. They are very popular with beginners because they are easy to push against the fret board. Some experienced musicians also prefer extra light strings they produce a unique sound. Thicker strings have more tone and sustain notes for longer, but extra light strings are a good choice for musicians that do not want this effect.


Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings for Steel String Acoustic Guitars

Steel string acoustic guitars have metal string, but although they are known as steel guitar strings, they are not always made from steel. Some have a nickel core, whereas others are steel with nickel plating. The E, A, and D strings have a thin wire wrapped around the core, which allows them to produce lower notes. Extra light strings have the thinnest cores of any guitar strings.


Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings for Classical Guitars

Classical acoustic guitars use three steel and three nylon strings. The three highest pitched strings are made from nylon, and the lowest three are the same type used in steel string guitars. Extra thin acoustic nylon guitar strings have an extremely thin core made from highly durable nylon, which is flexible, but does not stretch easily. Nylon strings tend to break more frequently than steel versions.


Popular Brands of Extra Light Acoustic Guitar Strings

Martin makes high quality guitars and a wide range of accessories, including strings of all sizes. Fender acoustic guitar strings are also popular, particularly with musicians that use the manufacturer's instruments. Ernie Ball makes high quality extra light guitar strings that are known for their strength and flexibility.

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