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Many people who wear eyeglasses are left in the dark about sizing. Yes it's more complicated then just trying on a pair of frames, glasses have sizes just like clothes. . Finding  the right eyeglasses size requires you to know a few different measurements, too.  I have put together a frame size guide below that can help you determine the correct glasses size to order, to make ordering online that little bit easier. 

Where to find the Measurements !

On the inside of your frame there will be a variety of information including the model number, the code to determine the color and style, the eye size, the bridge size, and the temple size. These can be displayed on one arm, both arms or even on the inside of the nose, but don't get frustrated just yet.  Once you understand what number is what it will make reading them so simple. 

You are looking for two sets of two-digit numbers and then one three-digit number. That's all you have to look for. Here's how to identify them:

For example: A typical measurement displayed on the inside of the arm is 
52.15.135mm which I will use as an example to explain below. (All measurements of Glasses frames are in Millimetres .)

So what do they each mean? 

The first number (52)
A Two-digit number ranging from 40 to 62 =Your Actual Eye Size

The Second number (15) 
Another Two-digit number ranging from 14 to 24 = Your Bridge of the nose Size

The  Third number (135)
This is always a Three-digit number ranging from 120 to 150= Your Temple Size, length of the arm. 

The eye size and bridge size are often located next to one another and can be found either on the Arm, the bridge of the nose or on the inside of the nose rest. The temple /Arm size may follow those two sets of numbers  or will be next to the model number. This one is easier to spot though as it always has three digits and is in the Hundreds. 

What is a Model Number? 

If you see a group of capital letters and numbers together, this is generally the frame model number or the frame color/style number(s). For example "FCUK  12" is the frame model number  that normally will have the initials of the Designer to begin with. And this makes it easier to recognise. While "086"  is the colour number. That usually follows after the model number with a space between them. Some Eyeglasses don't display their colour number  they simply write Tort or BLK. 

I hope this may be useful., I've worn glasses for years but only until I started shopping online did I learn that Glasses had sizes. Now I often use my old  eyeglasses frame sizes as a guide to what fits me well. 

Please feel free to ask me for more measurements on any frame you are interested in or any help understanding the sizing.

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