F-stop ICU Medium Shallow and Comparison

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F-stop ICU Medium Shallow and Small Pro Comparison

Here is the F-stop ICU (internal camera unit)  Medium Shallow and Small Pro showing canon gear, this is what will fit in the camera bag inserts, as you can see they hold quite a lot of pro gear, but would work just as well for other gear or video equipment.
The F-stop has a number of these inserts in the range to choose from, to suit every item you own from big pro cameras to gopro video gear. 

They are very well made bags and the equipment seems very well protected. I have used these inserts in normal backpacks and I've tried it in a dakine photo bag which fits perfectly. The F-stop icu medium is pretty much the same as the insert you can buy with the dakine mission photo 25l bag.

They are customisable by moving the velcro dividers to suit all events.
I would recommend these inserts to any photographer / amateur / hobbies not wanting to use a generic camera bag. I personally don't want everyone know whats inside my bag so i find these perfect for day trips, events, and holidays. 


I hope this review was helpful. Please check out my other videos for more photography gear overviews.
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