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    Dylon Color Fun Fabric Paints can be used in a
    variety of ways to transform almost any
    garment or fabric.

Block Printing:

  1. Wash and dry chosen garment / fabric

  2. Place a protective backing underneath the area to be decorated
      (eg. a piece of card or cloth)

  3. Shake bottle and place Color Fun fabric paint in a large
      flat container.

  4. Press printing block into paint and then onto fabric. Repeat to form a
      pattern or random design. 

  5. Allow to dry.

  6. Fix the colour by covering design with a clean cotton cloth and iron
      on a very hot setting for 1-2 minutes.

Hints for Block Printing

  Vegetables such as potatoes make excellent painting blocks, simply cut
  into various shapes with a sharp knife. Other fruit and vegetables also make
  interesting shapes. Simply cut in half, blot onto kitchen towel and leave to
  dry out for an hour before use.

Variations on Block Printing:


  Repeat steps 1- 5 above using a slightly dampened natural sponge in place
  of a printing block. Dab off excess paint before printing, to give a very
  light textured pattern onto the fabric.


  Repeat steps 1- 5 above using a scrunched up piece of cotton fabric in the
  place of a printing block. Dab excess paint off scrunched fabric and then
  ‘print’ with it. Turn the fabric a little before each print to give it a random


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