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Looking for Dior, Prada, Mulberry, Balenciaga, Hermes and other top end designer bags? Then read this guide to ensure you wont end up paying premium prices for cheap fakes.
As loads of bags are affected by replicas I will give a more general guide on what to watch out for when buying a top designer bag.

  • First thing to mention is that low prices are almost always a sign of replicas. Why? Having sold some of them myself I know that even at wholesale prices they cost a minimum of around 45-50% of their Retail price. More likely you’ll get them at around 60-70% of what they cost at the shop. Just take a look at the Hermes bags – if they cost ££££’s in shops how could anyone afford to throw them out at £99? There can of course be exceptions to this as people might just want to get rid of theirs – but a low price should always make you double check the listing and where necessary ask for further details.
  • Has you potential seller got loads of these bags? Also a bad sign, - companies like Mulberry, Prada and Dior wont throw out vast quantities of bags to Ebay sellers. Always ensure to check the sellers sales history – sometimes you will find that lots of the same bags have been sold. Stay away from these bags unless you are 100% sure the bag in question is real.
  • Look out for MYPOUPETTE recommended sellers. This is a sign that the seller has been “audited” by MyPoupette (authentication services) and are safe to buy from!! MyPoupette can also authenticate bags for you for a fee. On the MyPoupette website you will find a list of Ebayers of whom not to buy, the list is not exhaustive but it still is worth checking as lots of names are already on there.
  • Make sure you go and see the bag you want in a shop or where not possible check the manufacturers website for details. It helps to note down the original measures of the bag – as many fakes do not have the same dimensions as the original ones. Also take a close look at the bags details – like colouring of studs, etc – which often vary on fake models
  • Some people list their bags with picture’s of the manufacturer – in that case ask for photographs of the one for sale as otherwise you have no means of verifying the bag
  • Even fakes can look pretty good – but its often the leather that lets them down. They usually have a “stiffer” feel and colour variations to the original ones are also common.

This summarizes the general guide on what to watch out for. Rule of thumb: Know what you want – ensure you ve seen the original before buying and do your research.

I hope this guide was some help – take a look at my other guides for further advice on Ebay.

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