FAKE DVD's How to spot them

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Seller's who trade in counterfeit DVD gamble not only with their ebay account but with serious court judgements.

My first warning is don't put up with inferior DVD's when you can buy the same DVD film for an original.

Many of us like a bargain but why pay £5.00 for a fake DVD. The major factor that the film industry has overlooked is the fake DVD will in the future become the less desirable option for the buyer. Quality has always been the fake DVD's failing and with the latest High definition screens and systems will make sure quality becomes more important. Nobody wants to watch a DVD at video cassette quality.

Things to watch out for:

Gold or purple dye colours on reading side of DVD's are the most commonly used. Yet buyers are either not aware of this or are prepared to put up with poor quality.

Quality of the printing on the label to the coverslip are usually ink jet printer produced

Halograms missing

The quality of the case

The quality of the audio and video can be worse than an old video

The descriptions that hide a fake DVD

Fake sellers are getting a bit clever with their wording these days. But what you need to do is watch for the following:


1) Region free - when a title has never been officially released as a region 0 - You will also find their disclaimers are interesting reads.

2) They may use a stock photo cover rather take a picture of their item.

3) Before you bid always ask the seller are they copies or origninals


More to follow....





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