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I am writing this so no other ebay user is defrauded or ripped off.  I paid much more than I should've for a dress that showed up looking like it had been eaten by moths, torn and worn by someone it was way too small for, ripped, material stretched. The buyer has listed it 'No defects, worn but not a lot, and then again, all caps and bold 'NO DEFECTS'. What I recieved was not what I had seen in the photos or what was described. The dress wasn't even black. I am having trouble inserting pictures and need to save these for my case.

When checking out a used Perry item, even if the buyer says it's a certain way, if you can't see the whole item, don't bid, buy or consider it. If you can't see the tag, or the buttoms with the correct font on it, don't bid, it's a fake.  Count the buttons, three? real! 4 or more? sorry, faux!

I suggest: asking for photos to prove authenticity, as we know this brand does not go for cheap and is not worth wasting large sums of money on and being sent something we know is wrong, or something we can see with our own two eyes is ruined.

Also watch and count feedback. I've bought maybe perry items, enough to acquire perfect feedback with a score of seventy, 40 of those being perry transactions. I slipped and didn't pay attention that a seller had only 5 feedbacks and was conned out of 61.00. Consider that when bidding, read the feedback and don't impulse buy. I've had a perry turn out to be fake but wasn't mad as I liked the shirt, and simply alerted the seller said merchandise was counterfeit, and was thanked for being candid and turned down a refund. I've also been turned down a refund on a damaged perry product represented as in great shape, with NO DEFECTS by a seller  with 5 or less feedbacks and been called names, lied to, insulted, badgered, harassed, and finally defrauded by the potential con. I am seeing more and more listings for fake skinhead items, but I see the most fake Perry's. Although I give Lonsdale a second close with a seller trying to hawk a 'Lunsdale' tee. WE KNOW! Google for more on fake fred perry's and if you can't see the whole garment, PASS!



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