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When i went on holiday to america i  was shown an authentic gucci handbag from Macey`s.

The lady in the shop advised me to always ask or look for the genuine serial number on the inside tag.

If  this states controllato 1234567890 then this is a fake and probably purchased from a europe market somewhere.

Controllato cards are not genuine authentic items and means nothing. Just that this has probaly passed the fake sweat houses test to quailfy they look fake enough as a copy to sell.  

However i always ask for the serial number and closer pictures.

If  i dont have this i dont buy at all.

I would rather lose £100 or give or take a few £`s by giving it to charity rather than getting conned into buying a copy or fake that was purchasded for £5 somewhere. 

I was fortunate and purchased a genuine Gucci off ebay as i asked the correct questions.

Remember all that glitters aint always gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However if you want a good designer copy then by all means buy it.

But remember what you are buying and dont pay over the odds for it.

Hope this helps.


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