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Could i warn everyone about fake Taylormade Drivers and irons bought off Ebay,  I have been working in the Golf industry for over 4 years,  In recent month`s the number of fake clubs has increased amazing amounts for every 50 clubs that get returned faulty, 25 of them are fake!!!!! A survey was done by a major brand and out of 364 products they bought on a well known auction site 357 were fake.

These counterfeits are amazingly good and will fool most people, even your local pro!!!!

There are genuine sellers on ebay but please be careful,  Always get a serial number if the seller cant provide one its because they are being sent direct from China and dont have the club in hand, this will be a fake.

Any serial number starting 6BB or ending in GAM, GAJ, GCK, GAK are all fakes!!!!  And there are plenty more

Any Burner driver with a logo on the face is a fake, Genuine Burner drivers have nothing on the face except the scorelines.

Also on the bottom of the club there is a small weight behind the taylormade badge on the fake drivers this is raised slightly whilst on the real v ersion it is not.

The only way you will ever be certain of getting a genuine Taylormade product is buying from a genuine Taylormade stockist, you can find out your nearest stockist by contacting taylormade and asking them

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