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  As you may may not have seen there seem to be a lot of fake Pro V1 on Ebay at the moment. How to spot these dodgy listings.

1. The listing will be in lots of 3 dozen. Ranging in price from approx £45 to £49.

2. With postage costs between £6 and £9.

3. The alleged seller will not generally have bought or sold anything on ebay for  a long time. ( and if they have it certainly wont be golf balls).

  Over the last few weeks I have reported many of these listings to ebay as I am sick and tired of people getting ripped off. Spending hard earned money on rubbish, I speak from experience as I too was duped in to buying fakes. Which I still have as I have no way of getting rid of them.

   The only way that we as a community can get rid of these scammers is for as many people as possible to be made aware of these guides and not buy these fakes.


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