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Are you fed up with seeing faked Beatles autographs on Ebay? Well i am ,absolutely sick to the back teeth with it.Only yesterday i saw 4 seperate lots from the same seller auctioning albums signed by John Lennon.There were two copies of Shaved Fish released in1975,one copy of RocknRoll Vol 2 released in1976 and a copy of Mind Games released in 1973 ,all released after Lennon leftthe UKin 1971.The abums were signed with the same thick black marker pen and all looked exactly the same.I thought i would ask the seller some questions .The first question i asked was if the autographs were obtained in the UK [an obvious question considering Lennon left the UK for good in 1971 and these albums were not  released until  73,75 and 76] ,i did not get a reply . The second question i asked was if the albums were signed in the USA,the reply was that they did not know as they were selling the albums for somebody else but they would ask and get back to me .

They did get back to me saying that 2 were obtained by groupies in1979 and the other two were obtained between 1970 and 1975 by the owners uncle [don't forget that they were all signed in the same thick black marker pen,bit of a coincidence  don't you think and all very very similar autographs]

I thought i would ask once more if they knew where these autographs were obtained,i didn't get a reply this time and about an hour later 3 were sold ,one for  £59.99,one for £77.01 and one for £59.99.Not bad for 3 fake autographs.The one that did not sell has been relisted today,do not buy it is not real.Maybe the seller was duped themselves by the owner of these albums,if there was really an owner they were selling them for.I am watching this sellers items from now on.

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