FAQs O2/02 Genie Sims - Answers to common queries

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O2 Genie Sim Cards - Frequently Asked Questions???

I have sold O2 and other sim cards via EBay for just over 4 years now and during that time I have been asked many questions and had to locate the answers.  A lot of the questions appear common to most users and I have listed them below hoping it will help those of you looking to purchase via EBay or those that have purchased and found the sim will not work in your handset. 

First and foremost I would say that rarely is a sim card faulty, from experience you are looking at less than 1 in 1,000.

When you have placed the sim in your phone WHY does it say 'Inactive Sim' or 'Sim Invalid' - your handset is most probably locked to another network or maybe on contract.  Your handset must be unlocked by your previous Network supplier before you can move to O2.  If you are on contract, you cannot change to PAYG until the end of your contract.

WHY does my handset ask for a 'SUBSIDY CODE', a subsidy code is required when your handset has been on contract, at the end of your contract, you will be issued with the code to allow you to transfer to PAYG.

WHEN do I receive my registration credit, within 48 hours of registering your sim card with O2.

WHEN do I receive my allowances, usually within 48 hours of activating and topping-up your sim card

CAN I keep my existing mobile Phone number - Yes you can PORT your number to any network of your choice, this is free of charge, you must contact your current Network provider and request a PAC - Port Authorization Code, this should be given to your new chosen Network.

WHY wont my sim accept incoming calls?  - Your sim card will not activate to accept or make calls until you have made your first top-up

HOW do I change my options from Texts to Minutes or vice - versa.  Dial 2425 FREE from your handset and follow the prompts, you may do this once each 30 days.

HOW do I get UNLIMITED TEXTS - Top up at least £30 and Text  UNLIMITED to 21300

HOW do I know what FREE minutes or Texts I have left - Text BALANCE to20202, to check your cash balance dial 4444 FREE from your handset



 I will monitor response and if I feel it is worthwhile, I will keep the review up-to-date for all of you with all the new tarriff changes and any new rules that may affect the O2 sims. O2 constanly change policies and offers!


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