FAST Laser tattoo Removal, How It Really Works.

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FAST Laser Tattoo Removal.

Using State of The Art

 ND YAG Q Switch Lasers.

1) I am an Ex-Nurse, Currently 18 Yrs Experience, in Medical & Technology Of Lasers.

2) I have made these Lasers myself at a M.O.D. Site, So You Could Say, I Know What I Am Talking About. 

3) I am Trained, Qualified & Insured & Currently the Proprietor of Laser Practices In Devon Torquay. 

OK, Lets Look at what exactly a tattoo is?

A Foreign body, INK is introduced to your deeper layers of your skin, probably by a needle.   
It can be anything, that breaks the skin, & leaves the Ink Pigment deep in the layers of the skin.

Your body usually removes small particles, through it`s own methods, through the lymphatic system, or, if large enough, your skin will grow a foreign object out over time. but, Indian Ink, & other inks, smaller than a grain of sand that would normally grow out,  but bigger than your body can remove, with a large molecular structure, can not be removed.   To protect it`s self, your body creates a pocket of collagen, around the tattoo to protect it`s self, as it sees the ink as a a foreign object & could be harmful.   This is how Tattoo`s remain permanent.

Popular Tattoo Ink is Black, made up of other colours, like really dark pigment green.   Other tattoo Colours are what you see, is what you get.   There is no rule of what a Tattooist may use, & usually, they do not want to divulge, how they get a neon blue or green. Your Guess, is as good as mine.   

With an    ND YAG  Q Switch Laser, The Laser Passes harmlessly, through your skin, selectively targeting ONLY the Pigment Colour, lets say Black.  Your skin is harmlessly bypassed, Only the INK is super treated with a special laser frequency, & wavelength, which heats the ink to 2,000 [two thousand ]Degrees Centigrade. 

The Black  Ink is shattered, by the heat, Also the bright laser light bleaches the pigments, and the sound wave shatters the ink as well as any collagen trapping the ink.   This usually takes 50,000ths fifty thousands` of a second. Straight away, the temperature has gone back to normal, all skin in the local area is unharmed, nerves, veins, bones, arteries, capilaries, muscle etc.  

Straight after Laser Therapy, you will see a white milky film, under the skin, which will look like the tattoo has completely gone. The sensation is like mild sunburn.  This is just steam, & the skin colour will go straight back to the usual colour in less than 4 minutes.   There will be a slight redness, lasting a day, then a crust will form for 2-4 weeks, similar to a graze.   

In this time, the healing process, your body will be able to remove the smaller particles of the ink from under the skin.
You may require 20 sessions.  Sessions should be 4-8 weeks apart. The Treated area should always be kept out of sun light, 
And to promote healing, avoid sauna, steam room, jaccuuzzi`s &  swimming etc.    Regular Personal hygiene is Perfectly OK.

Straight after the Laser Session, there may be some spotting, where the skin has started to weep, this is the healing process starting.   At the Q FACTOR  Laser Clinic in Torquay South Devon, Proprietor Mr.David Doyle, cleans the freshly lased area
with Anti septic spray, this usually stems the bleeding, then he applies a Zink Cream, to promote healing.  The area is then dressed with Cotton Gauze, & Micropore Tape.   This is to be left on for at least an hour to prevent infection.

Sometimes, after several sessions of laser tattoo removal, the tattoo has faded so much, that the area can be re tattoo`d again, with a different design.   You can not put a bright yellow Coi Carp` over a black crow, but after a few sessions, to reduce the black crow pigment, you can.

To find out more about how Tattoo removal works by laser, in Torquay South Devon, please go to    the-q-factor. co. uk 

01803 410 444     07830 933 526 

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