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Business: Selling computer memory products and CPUs

Looking at this seller's pages on Ebay, on first impression, they appear okay. Sales of over 116,000 with a positive feedback rating of around 98% may look good, but here's some information on the way FASTMEMORYMAN & EMARTBUY, who runs his Ebay business, operates.

Memory cards and modules are big business, with millions upon millions being sold every day worldwide. Memory prices go up and down like a yo-yo and there is good memory and bad memory. Good memory is fast, made by reliable manufacturers and goes through a rigorous testing process. Bad memory is allowed to leave the factory even if it's not 100% reliable. Fastmemoryman & EMARTBUY,  buys a lot of the latter and then tries to pass it off as high quality product. In many cases he simply re-labels the goods.

You will notice that there is great competition for memory by sellers on Ebay, so how does Fastmemoryman & EMARTBUY get so many sales. Simple, he sells his memory cheap. The only problem is he mixes in low quality memory and CPUs with what might be considered higher quality stock, so there's no chance of knowing whether you will get a decent item or rubbish.

On top of that, Fastmemoryman & EMARTBUY profits from giving refunds to disgruntled customers. Yes, you read it right. He PROFITS from giving refunds. How? Firstly, he makes you wait his standard 45 days before a refund can be processed, allegedly to give the couriers/postal service time to confirm that the item is indeed lost (in the case of non-delivered items). Now, wait for this. 45 days is the time limit in which, under Paypal's rules, you can claim a refund. Are we just cynical, or could it be that FASTMEMORYMAN & EMARTBUY has placed his own 45 day limit to ensure that you cannot then make a claim through Paypal and therefore not get a refund. You will find that he also deducts Paypal fees etc., upon returning goods so that, in effect, he can't lose. He even mentions this in his listing ... the gaul of the man. And does Ebay do anything about this. Ansolutely nothing at all. They are more interested in the massive fees they get from FASTMEMORYMAN & EMARTBUY

So when you look at his negative feedback on Ebay, and actually read the comments, you will see that he is not just a CR.AP COMPANY, but a **** too. He is hoping that if he dilutes enough inferior product and service into his sales it won't become apparent. What he hasn't reckoned on is a growing angry voice on the Internet, of duped customers complaining about his activities.

     simply you can try to search FASTMEMORYMAN & EMARTBUY scam on google

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