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I always tell the truth on my feedback - good or otherwise.  I cannot understand why some people feel the need to get personal though.  It's just business after all - my bad experience may just be one of those things.  I was recently called a liar - when all I had done was to leave negative feedback due the experience that I had experienced with the seller in question.  In my experience people get defensive when they have something to hide - when considering bidding on something - read the  feedback from other buyers - it's probably worth bearing this in mind.

In my first days of e-baying, I won a beautiful Monsoon cardigan - duly sent my P.O. and never received the item.  My mistake - I should have sent it crossed and recorded delivery.  The seller left negative feedback, saying that I did not send payment, and called me a liar.  I was shocked to say the least!  I found out that the PO had been cashed - but the seller is no longer an e-bayer.  Nothing that I can do there then - except to learn.  There was other negative feedback of the same ilk for this seller - so perhaps she saw an opportunity of a quick buck for nothing eh?

To everybody out there paying other than PayPal - cover every eventuality and be fair and above all honest with your feedback.  Us buyers have a duty to each other to protect our money and trust!!  Most people on here have good ethics - but when you read a seller's negative feedback - especially when it mentions payment not received, or bad communication, it could mean that they may not be totally honest.

Taking all the above into account - I will continue to shop on Ebay - I have had some lovely things from some wonderful Ebayers - good luck and enjoy, everybody.
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