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As a seller, I have some thoughts about feedback. Even if you feel fairly neutral about your purchase, you should still leave feedback.

Why? - Let me explain..........

As a seller, I like feedback - the more glowing the better! It helps give confidence to other would-be buyers, hopefully our future customers. Of course if you're a crook then don't expect glowing reports!!

But that is not the only purpose of feedback. For the seller, besides buyers letting people know their experience and feelings about a seller, it is a very important way of knowing if the goods you sent have arrived at their destination.

Once an item has sold, after a reasonable wait, feedback is hoped for for the sold item. Most of the time this is what happens and works very well, but there are times when you've waited several days - or enough time for your sold item to have arrived, and then.......nothing......rien, zilch, zero, nix, nada! You begin to worry. Was the buyer not satisfied with the goods but too shy to let you know? Perhaps it's someone who doesn't bother giving feedback? Or worst of all.....the goods didn't arrive yet!

Sometimes buyers wait until the end of the month to do their feedback comments. That's something that I personally dislike because once I have sold an item I like to know that it arrived safely. It gives me 'peace of mind'. Just an ordinary comment such as 'item arrived safely, many thanks' would be enough. OK, it's not very enthusiastic, but at least I would know that the buyer got their item. I could then forget about that sale and move on.

Wait for feedback before giving feedback?

Many sellers wait for feedback from their buyer before they themselves will commit to leaving their own comments. I guess the theory behind this method is that they don't want to leave positive feedback and then run into problems with a buyer afterwards. A kind of 'leave positive feedback and I'll do likewise' (or the reverse!) thinking.

As a seller I always try to leave feedback as soon as an item is paid for. If a buyer is quick to pay then they deserve feedback up front. If a transaction runs into difficulties later, it doesn't alter the fact that the buyer paid quickly. I'm probably in the minority on this method but in my eyes everyone is innocent until proven guilty - not the other way round! Is that being naive, or am I just trying to be one of the 'good guys'?

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