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Feedback, a way of sharing your experiences with other members pertaining to your sale or purchase.
[1] Some sellers are not confident enough about their goods to leave feedback first , they wait until the Buyer has left theirs, this in itself contravenes all ethical values!

Business sellers have an option in tools to set the feedback to be left on receipt of payment or on receipt of feedback - see paragraph 1 -
Ethically and/or morally the feedback should be left by the seller to the buyer immediately and positively as a way of a ‘thank you’ for purchasing and giving them your hard earned money.

  When purchasing from a shop we  don't thank the shopkeeper for taking our money, they thank us! 

This is simply common courtesy or etiquette, those that fail to conform to this universal ideal do not deserve any feedback, especially for those that deem it necessary to leave instructions to leave feedback before they leave theirs in an after sales message or indeed on their listing 'terms'

Feedback from sellers can only and should always be positive, feedback from buyers should be subjective, based purely on their experiences with those transactions.

So, with these endowed principles in mind, stand on the moral/ethical high ground and stand by those principles.

I refuse point blank to leave my feedback until I have received mine from those I give my hard earned money to !
Leave it or lose it!

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