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So here it is , The FEEDBACK issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ive been using ebay for many years personally and also for the company i work for and feedback is always a key issue for sellers, i know there are a few of you ebay buyers out there too who logon and love to see there ratings going up too and are proud of there clean feedback score but really is feedback there to help or cause problems.

How many of you sellers out there have had an email form a customer ( normally the first ) and at the bottom of it your told " i have not left feedback yet " or " i will have to contact ebay and leave bad feedback if ... ... " ?. I mean if you had any problem what so ever with an item you bough from a high street store would you walk in tell them your problem however small and before they have chance to reply tell them you have not contected trading standards yet ? , No you wouldnt so my personal view of feedback is that if you a buyer its a weapon to get what you want and its that simple!!.

What can you do if you get bad feedback , well if your a seller and you get bad feedback youve been really unlucky and proberly got what i call " A customer from Hell !!!! ". If your a customer dont worry i know its not always your fault but you must understand if you buy from a regular seller the last thing they want is a Red Feedback against them and will normally always work with the customer to get this resolved , just make sure you give them the chance.

Heres my advice on what to do before leaving feedback if you have a problem ,
1 , Contact the seller by email ( be polite ) even if your really angry hold back as if you put the seller under stress from the start it will not help.

2 , !f no contact has been made back call them.... How you can request and buyer or sellers contact info from ebay as long as you are in a transaction with them and also by the link below. and remember keep it friendly

3 , Now could be the time to worry , if emailing is no good and calling them you can not get a reply ( please call more than once as you could be unlucky and they were just not at home, i would try 9am 3pm and 7pm all on the same week day - covers all the bases). Now you need to contact paypals dispute center ( if using paypal.

4, Youve guessed it , Now youve done all you can and Red feedback is proberly the best thing to do to warn other people of this problem.

After all is said and done though if you have not got any Bad feedback remarks you will one day ..... you could do everything correctly but one day something minnor will go wrong and bang youve got one.

If you do get bad feedback and are disapointed of course you will email the buyer/seller and try to resolve this but if your ignored which does happen simply request there phone number, abit of shock treatment there too but your calling to resolve the issue not make it worse remember your trying to help them with the problem and help yourself get the feedback removed from your accout.

Feedback can be withdraw as long as you both agree to this and by completing this form,

Now if you have my frame of mind of feedback " Everything can always be worked out in life " WRONG on ebay it cant.... its happened to me before where weve sent a brand new plasma tv and the invoice was not with the item and BANG no contact straight in with a Negative , so you email then call them and you get through to a little squirt whos meaning on and on and on , you them email one or post one out right away and agree to remove the feedback with them , days pass and then a week so you call them back and get told " well i was going to remove it but now i think the feedback is deserved as i should not of had to ask for an invoice" ! Nightmare or the batteries in the remove are already dead and im disapointed!!

I can go on and on about the stories ive heard about unjust feedback or unreasonable reasons for leaving it but you proberly would not beleave the stories i have ,

Buying a pair of jeans and leaving bad feedback because they dont fit correctly!!
Buying an item with £3 postage but getting bad feedback because the postage paid was £2.68!!

Have a look around ebay at the sellers with 1000+ feedbacks and tell me how many have 100% not many and then be nosiey and see what there last bad feedback was for and think to yourself was that really worth it ? also look at the cost price ( i know its got nothing to do with the service you expect ) but if the same items are selling for £20 you can bet the one time the seller gets a low price of £3 or less this will be the customer that will leave bad feedback!!... why ? i really dont know but do you think a seller would not rather refund the £3 and have the bad feedback removed than keep it for such a small amount.

Feedback : Just a buyers weapon and sellers early heart attack.




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